Cutting the Fat - an exciting new treatment for double chins


I have been waiting for MONTHS to declare the news that Australia will finally be welcoming the exciting new treatment for melting away those stubborn double chins. This product is known as Fat Dissolving Injections (we cannot use it's brand name due to Australian regulations) and has been shown in studies to be a safe and effective treatment for permanent removal of double chin fat.

The launch of this amazing treatment is scheduled for the 18th of February in Sydney.

Since its launch in the US last year I have been waiting with bated breath and slowly compiling a list of my gorgeous patients who may benefit from the treatment.

A double chin is a bothersome problem. Often resistance to diet and exercise, this stubborn pocket of submental fat can make someone look overweight when they are not and hide an otherwise beautiful jawline. Many people with a double chin won't pose for photos side on and are often very self conscious.

Submental fat has been a difficult area to treat. Non-invasive skin treatments such as radiofrequency skin tightening or Infini do not target the underlying fat, older methods of fat dissolving lipolysis or mesotherapy require multiple treatments without a significant benefit in some and cool sculpting for example is very practitioner dependent and can often leave people with lumpy areas without a smooth profile (which is what we are trying to achieve).

The gold standard for the removal of submental fat has always been chin liposuction however as I am always on the hunt for non-surgical and non-invasive alternatives.

The fat dissolving is an injectable procedure which uses a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid which is a molecule used in the body to break down and destroy fat after eating food. This break though treatment is quick, relatively pain free (as with most injectable procedures) and not associated with any down time. If injected correctly, all the healthy cells around the submental fat, remain intact and unaffected as well as nearby nerves and muscles.

Have a read of my Fat Dissolving Treatment information page for more in depth information regarding the treatment.

I cannot wait to perfect my skills and use of this product. In fact I am writing this post on my Christmas break so that is a marker of my level of excitement.

The treatment has also gained momentum worldwide after Khloe Kardashian became its official spokesperson. Always up front regarding her cosmetic procedures and seemingly the perfect candidate for the treatment, she has endorsed the treatment with the ‘Chin up’ campaign which empowers women to take control and ‘chin up’.

Although I am not necessarily impressed at some of the work she has had done in terms of injectable treatments (as of writing this post I think she has gone overboard with her lips with poor filler placement and too much product) I am SO impressed at the changes Fat Dissolving Treatment seems to have made to her profile and jawline.

This treatment; combined with dermal fillers to the jawline, neck lifts with wrinkle relaxers and jawline slimming with wrinkle relaxers may be my new go to for women looking to glamourise their look.

The options are endless. I can’t wait to share before and afters of this treatment from my own patients.

Please feel free to ask any questions regarding the launch of Fat Dissolving Treatments in Aus. 

Dr Kate