Sunny's Jawline Contouring Journey - Q&A

We sat down with our lovely patient Sunny to talk about her treatment journey with fat dissolving injections. Sunny came to me requesting treatment options for her submental fullness (also known as a double chin). She has had this her entire life despite being a healthy BMI and living a healthy lifestyle. Sunny is obviously a beautiful woman with no need to undergo cosmetic treatments however she felt self conscious about her profile view and full chin from the front.

She was an excellent candidate for jawline contouring with our fat dissolving injections. Despite me telling her she did not have much fat to dissolve she required two full treatment using 3 vials in total and the results exceeded my own expectations.

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What brought you to Youth Lab?

I have always felt uncomfortable with my “double chin” and it has really taken a toll on my confidence. I know it was only a small amount of fullness but it was starting to get more noticeable. I have been doing modelling also so I was becoming self conscious of my profile view in photos. I felt that if there were effective treatment options out there then I needed to investigate further.

After some research, I was over the moon when I discovered that Youth Lab uses a fat dissolving treatment which is an injectable used to dissolve and destroy the fat in your double chin. It has been approved by the Australian therapeutic goods association for this treatment.

I am all about enhancing natural beauty but I understand the risks in doing so. It’s essential to be confident with the Doctors you are putting your trust in and I have complete trust in Dr. Kate’s skills. Youth Lab has exceptional standards which is why I made the decision to put myself in their safe hands.

Tell us about your first consultation

I was greeted by a friendly receptionist with a warm smile which put me instantly at ease. After completing my medical forms and sipping on a delicious fruitilicious tea, I was shortly welcomed in by Dr. Kate to discuss my concerns and treatment options. She performed a full medical consultation, explained the available procedures for my concerns and we made a plan to book me in for the fat dissolving treatment.  I also had photos taken from different profiles for my baseline before images and left feeling confident with the planned treatment.

What happened on the day of your treatment?

The day of my procedure I was greeted by the lovely Lili again and It wasn’t long until I went into the procedure room and my double chin would be gone! Dr Kate went through the procedure with me again and we completed my consent forms.

When I was ready she then cleaned the area, administered a local anaesthetic injection and then traced out the 18 dots as a guide for the fat dissolving injections.

Once Dr Kate started injecting where she traced the 18 dots I hardly felt a thing and it was all over in a couple of minutes. My 23 year old double chin gone in just a moment.

My chin felt numb, warm and definitely swollen so I was given a complimentary ice pack to go home with. 

How did you find the actual treatment? Was is painful?

I found the treatment quick and painless. I was not anxious at all as the product used is naturally occurring in our body, Dr Kate thoroughly explained the procedure and there is generally minimal complications with the treatment.  

After the procedure my chin felt warm and definitely very swollen but no pain whatsoever.  

The anaesthetic was meant to be the most painful part of the procedure but I hardly noticed it.

Once I was home it was a night of icing my new chin, eating Samosa’s and watching Netflix... definitely can’t complain! 

Tell us about the down time in the first 24 hours

After the procedure I iced my chin as it was slightly swollen but not as bad as I anticipated. I didn’t feel any pain.

I woke up with my chin feeling slightly tight but when I looked in the mirror my chin was about the same size as the previous day’s swelling which I was relieved to see. It still felt a little numb but nothing too unusual.

Within the 24 hours I had no issues and I was already looking forward to reevaluate in 6 weeks time.

Did you experience anything that you did not anticipate?

I was expecting my chin to be more swollen, but the swelling was not as bad as Dr Kate warned me,  which is a positive. The swelling does depend on the amount of fat and some people may be more prone to swelling. I was made aware that my chin would feel wobbly and that was quite a strange sensation to feel!

Has anyone noticed or commented that you have had the treatment?

Not at all. I don’t think anyone would have known about my fat dissolving treatment if I hadn’t posted about it on my social media. I feel very confident out in public which I was not expecting.

Tell us about the weeks following your first treatment

Day by day the swelling was reducing, it was a great feeling knowing there was a chiseled jawline hiding under there and not long until it came out.

Within about 4 days I could hardly feel any swelling. My chin felt slightly numb to touch for a few weeks but nothing that made me feel uncomfortable. This did not worry me as Dr Kate told me about this common occurrence post treatment. It looked like a little bump which is hardly noticeable compared to my double chin previously.

By the 5th/6th week once the swelling was gone I could already see a difference from my chin at the start!

Swelling following first fat dissolving treatment

Swelling following first fat dissolving treatment

What happened at your review appointment after 6 weeks?

About 6 weeks after my first treatment of fat dissolving injections I went in for my second treatment. Dr Kate examined my chin and could already see results from one session. We discussed only using one vial of fat dissolving product this round as I did not have enough fat to use two whole vials.

The anaesthetic went in, once again that was pretty much pain free and with only one vial being used this time the treatment went as quick as a blink of the eye. It all felt pain free and I feel so confident in Youth Labs hands, they know what they are doing and pay close attention to detail. 

Was there any difference in your recovery between the two treatments?

On the night of the second treatment I had the same side effects as the first treatment. There was less swelling this time but my chin felt slightly warm (which I iced on the drive home) and numb which was expected. 

I had so much excitement after this second treatment as I knew it was my last.  The last time I ever have a double chin... EVER!! Is that not crazy!? 

The swelling was very minimal and went down within just 5 weeks.

Swelling following second fat dissolving treatment

Swelling following second fat dissolving treatment

What was the outcome from your final treatment?

On week 12 of my journey I could see a huge difference in my chin and my face. It has slimmed me out and also made me feel so confident in my own skin. This treatment is a life changer, I never have to get a treatment done again and I have no scarring, no residual effects of the treatment and it was completely comfortable during the whole process.

I could not recommend it enough to anyone out there who feels that their self esteem is effected by their chin. 

Youth Lab exceeded all of my expectations and I have been having regular skin treatments with them since to ensure my skin stays clear and healthy.

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