A Sit Down Q & A with Charmaine our Dermal Therapist

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Who’s up next in the “meet team YL” series you ask?

We are proud to introduce you to Charmaine our highly talented Dermal Therapist here at Youth Lab.

Q) What Inspired You To Become A Dermal Therapist?

From a young age I watched my mum use a bathroom cupboard full of products from skin care to makeup and other gimmicky things she’d brought off TV advertisements. She always looked amazing and people always commented on how young she looked for her age. I was intrigued... Did all of this stuff really work?

Having healthy skin was in my head since before I can even remember. When my sister and I came into our teenage years and started to experience acne, mum brought us ProActive off another TV commercial. This was unfortunately not the best experience. The products completely dried my skin out and we became walking flaking prunes. Then eczema and all sorts of other skin conditions started to arise. It was frustrating but it intrigued me more on how the skin functions and what is the cause to all these different skin conditions.

We eventually went on the contraceptive pill to help with our acne and as soon as we tried to come off the acne came back. That was it, I needed to know more and I wanted to learn it all as soon as possible. I begged my parents to let me go off in the big wide world and pursue my passion in skin and was lucky enough to be accepted at college at an earlier age than was normally accepted.


Q) What Was The Most Challenging Part Of Your Training?

Growing up on a farm in a small town, I had to move to the city to go to college and being only 17 when I began my studies with skin, I was one of the youngest in the course. I found it quite difficult to balance enjoying being young but also being away from my family. I had to grow up pretty fast and learn how to fend for myself.

I also struggled a bit with keeping up with the older girls in the class. However, I put my “head down and bum up” as my mum would call it, and studied my little heart out. I completed my 1st year at college and landed an amazing job at a new busy clinic where I worked over 50 hours a week through the summer and continued to work part time while studying full time for the 2nd year.

Although I was young and had the energy to do so, my life became completely about work and I began to lose my passion. But once I finished my 2nd year at college and began working full time without the stress of having to balance work and study, my drive came back and I have been working in the industry ever since.


Q) Did You Have Any Skin Problems Growing Up?

Apart from the teenage acne that the contraception pill cleared up. I developed eczema all over my face and hands. To the point I would have to wear cotton gloves to bed to stop me from scratching until I bled. I know now that this was from a bad diet and high stress from studying and working.

Every time I increased my hours my eczema would flare back up with a vengeance. I tried going off the contraception pill when I was 20 and all hell broke loose. My perfect clear skin became red and aggravated. I eventually went back on the pill for another 8 years which then has given me hormonal pigmentation (as we know hormones can trigger the skin condition melasma and the pill is a common trigger for this).

I have now been off the pill for over a year and with knowing how the skin functions and having dealt with this before with clients I was able to keep my skin clear through the process of stopping the pill. I have since treated my hormonal pigmentation with Dermamelan treatments and most recently our specialised Aura Laser Facial.


Q) What Do You Love Most About Being A Dermal Therapist?

Results and confidence! Helping patients address their skin concerns and achieve their desired results giving them a new confidence, is something I love most about working in the industry. I also love talking about what I’m passionate about, which is skin and health.

I love educating people on their skin on how to get that clear, glowing complexion. Also an added bonus is having easy access to products and treatments. I'm actually very interested to see what my skin will look like in 30 years time after religiously looking after it with products and regular treatments along with eating a healthy diet.

Another part of what I love about my job is that this industry is always advancing in treatments and new techniques are constantly being developed. Therefore, I am always learning something new or using the latest machines so it never gets boring.


Q) What Is Your Favourite Skin Concern To Treat And Why?

This is a tricky question as I enjoy treating most skin concerns, it more depends on the commitment the patient is willing to put that makes that particular condition my favourite concern. If I’m treating acne, this is something that doesn't happen from one treatment, so the client needs to fully commit 6-12months of skincare treatments, work on diet, be religious with their home care and have regular treatments to achieve satisfying results of clearer skin. It is a wonderful journey to be a part of though and the end results are always worth it.

Pigmentation requires some downtime to be able to achieve any kind of result, patience with multiple treatments and a religious use of SPF, with allowing for this it can be a very satisfying outcome. Ageing skins can take a little longer to see results with dermal treatments, however this is probably my most favoured as this fascinates me the most at how amazing technology can be at stimulating new collagen. There is such a wide range of treatments and products for anti ageing and using the different modalities you can really achieve some fabulous results.


Q) What Is Your Favourite Treatment To Perform?

Another tricky one…

If I had to chose, it would be between Dermamelan and Skin needling. Dermamelan because it truly stands out to any other treatment for Melasma in the industry. Not only do you get incredible results for lightening hyperpigmentation, it also gives the skin a beautiful air brushed appearance, reducing redness and any pigmented acne scars.

My other favourite skin treatment to perform is skin needling for its collagen stimulating action in the skin. We can tailor this treatment with medical grade ampules and create amazing cocktails to infuse into the skin for concerns such as acne scaring, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation or for an all over skin glow!


Q) What Products Are You Using At The Moment?

I am a complete product junkie, my bathroom cupboard looks just like my mum’s did but worse (or better in my eyes). I literally had to buy extra shelving in our bathroom to accommodate my products and this is no joke! I use everything from different cleansers, toners, many different serums that help with hydration, pigmentation, vitamin C and A’s, eye creams, and a different day and night cream.

I also have masks I try do twice a week and then some go to products for travel to keep my skin hydrated on flights. My favourite products at the moment would have to be the mesoestetic Vitamin C complex serum, Cosmedix Reboot Hydration Night Serum (which I also use during the day sometimes) Cosmedix Define for my Vitamin A, Humidify cream for my moisturiser and one of my ultimate favourite at home ampules are the proteogylcanos ampules by Mesoestetic. I take these little guys on the plane with me and apply on the flight, they are so incredibly hydrating, also great for a pre-event glow.

Q) What Treatments Have You Had Done And How Can We Get Skin Just Like Yours?

I have always looked after my skin using SPF since I was in my teens and used professional products since I began my studies 12 years ago. When I was younger I would have facials and mini peels and then when I hit 25, with the knowledge that you loose a teaspoon of collagen every year from this age, I started on regular medical grade treatments.

I focused on collagen stimulation doing courses of Skin Needling. I have also had Dermamelan twice to reduce my hormonal pigmentation and am due for another one ( I like to have Dermamelan every 2 years to even out my skin and remove any unwanted pigment that I have developed from the strong Australian sun). I have had Laser and PRP under my eyes about 3 years ago.

Recently I have had a Hydrafacial, peels and one of my other favourite treatments Intensif microneedling with RF to help with collagen stimulation and tightening the skin. The combination of home care products with daily SPF and regular in clinic treatments are key to achieving results with skin and preventing premature aging.



Recently I have had a Hydrafacial, peels and one of my other favourite treatments Intensif microneedling with RF to help with collagen stimulation and tightening the skin.

Q) What Is Your Favourite Thing To Do Outside Of Work?

In winter I like to hermit up and stay warm (as I’m always cold). I’m a little bit of a puzzle geek and love jigsaw puzzles, if I’m not ‘puzzling’ then i'm reading a health book (also a health freak) by a sunlit window or snuggled up on the couch with my beautiful kitty, Tilly.

In Summer I love being outdoors.

Going for walks, beaching with my SPF, a hat and an umbrella (if it doesn't blow away) of course! I have also done a lot of travel, as I love seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.

I'm a bit of an early bird, so before work I try to get in a class of Yoga or get some healthy baking, cooking or cleaning done.



In Summer I love being outdoors.

I'm a bit of an early bird, so before work I try to get in a class of Yoga or get some healthy baking, cooking or cleaning done.

Q) What Is Your Favourite Part Of Working At Youth Lab?

The energy at the clinic is always very high and I’m finding it is such a positive environment to work in. The girls (and Jon) are all very happy, supportive and I love that everyone is also passionate about their overall health and well being as well.

Youth Lab also makes training a top priority, making sure we are all up to date with the latest techniques with the highest standard. In my first few months I’ve attended a lot of great training all with the team so we have that consistent standard across the team.

Q) What Treatment Do You See Becoming Popular This Year?

I think the Intensif skin needling will really take off when people start hearing about the amazing results and different conditions it can treat. Peels have really advanced over the years so I hope to see them become more popular in treating skin conditions such as acne and aging.

And of course the Halo, which is our amazing new laser! I absolutely love the results from lasers for regaining that youthful appearance in skins that have been affected by the harsh Australian sun rays. From tightening the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles while also drawing out UV damage in the skin.

What more could prematurely aged skin want!


Q) What Is The One Piece Of Skin Advice You Wish All Your Clients Would Follow?

Two words - Sun Block.

I am still baffled by new patients that come in and don’t wear SPF every day on their face. I am a sun lover myself and I believe that we need a good amount of sunlight for our overall health. However, our faces get the brunt of the sun more than any other part of the body. And this is also for those people that work inside an office all day.

How do you get to work? Did you go out on your lunch break? What did you do after work? Generally these answers are outdoors or driving where there is sun exposure. I have seen far to many skins that have aged well before their time because of sun exposure.

The other advise would be to keep up those monthly treatments but always do a more advanced treatment course in winter. Whether that be laser, Skin Needling RF, BBL or Dermamelan Peel! These will tidy up the damage done through summer and stimulate collagen and then you can maintain the results with light needling, peels and hydrafacials throughout the warmer months.

And lastly of course SKINCARE. This is essential for maintaining the results of your treatment. You wouldn't get the optimal results after spending all that money and energy to see a Personal Trainer every week to sit on the couch and eat hamburgers and chocolate all day. It is the same for skin! Think of the skincare being your food choices and achieving the beautiful healthy glow while the in clinic treatments being your exercise for the skin, to tone, tighten and lift it in all the right places.

Charmaine x