Q & A With Our Dermal Therapist Tash

As the first part of our “meet team YL” series we are interviewing our wonderful Dermal Therapist Tash Kerr. Tash has been a part of the team since early 2018 and is one of our most popular therapists. So without further ado, here is our little sit down interview with the fabulous Tash…

Q) What inspired you to become a dermal therapist?

Since I was about 15, I loved the idea of working within the Beauty industry.

In the years after graduating High School, my passion for skin and beauty continued to grow but I wasn’t really sure where it would take me.

Having people close to me struggle with skin problems, made me want to pursue this career path even more!

I really aspired to be someone that could help change someone's self confidence and how they felt in their own skin, but it wasn’t until I came back from travelling that I really figured out what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go within the industry.

I jumped straight into my Diploma of Beauty Therapy, knowing the end goal was to continue onto my diploma in Dermal Science and become more skin focussed in a medical environment.

Q) What was the most challenging part of your training?

I loved every aspect of my training when I was studying Dermal Science. The one thing I think was challenging for me throughout was staying focused and using my time effectively. As i chose to do it all Online, it was me, myself and I for 18 months straight. No scheduled classes, no other student interaction, and minimal communication - I found it challenging at times having a lot of distractions around me while studying from home.

I loved the idea of doing it online as it was all self-paced. I had a great work/life balance as I was only working part-time which gave me a lot of flexibility with my studies!

All in all, I loved my time studying, I always kept the finish line in sight which got me through those hard times and I rewarded myself with a really nice graduation present.

Tash - Dermal Therapist

“I love that my clientele is also a wide variety of ages as I get to experience different skin types and concerns throughout each stage of life.

every face is so different to the next”

Tash - Dermal Therapist

Q) Did you have any skin problems growing up?

I was very lucky growing up, I never had any issues. Prior to my studies and in high school I was that person who just washed my face with water and slept in my makeup after nights out. I know… I shake my head at myself too!!

Apart from the odd breakout here and there, I've been really lucky to have not had any issues thus far. And I continue to pray to the skin gods that my skin stays just as good throughout the years to come. That being said, I am very committed to my skincare regime at home and get regular treatments to maintain my healthy skin.

Q) What do you love most about being a dermal therapist?

I love my clients! I really enjoy getting to know each and every one of my clients. Not only helping them through their skin journey but being apart of special occasions such as weddings, milestone events and generally making them feel and look their best is such a rewarding feeling.

I love that my clientele is also a wide variety of ages as I get to experience different skin types and concerns throughout each stage of life and every face is so different to the next.  No day is the same, it keeps me busy and I love having such a variety in my day.

Q) What is your favourite skin concern to treat and why?

I really enjoy treating Hormonal Pigmentation. As this skin condition is extremely common in Australian women and can present in many ways, I find treating pigmentation very interesting.

There's many factors involved as to why we develop pigmentation, from environmental influences, certain medications and hormonal changes - These all play a role in increased melanin within our skin cells which produces pigment in the skin.

With advancing technologies, we have new ways of treating hormonal pigmentation. No skin is the same, so different methods of dermal therapies are available for even the most stubborn of pigment.

My all time favourite in clinic is our Dermamelan treatment. Effective on all skin types, and suitable for all pigmented skins. It is one of the most effective ways in treating pigmentation and I’ve seen some amazing results in clinic within our first year of introducing the Dermamelan treatment here at Youth Lab!

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Q) What is your favourite treatment to perform?

How do I choose.. They are all amazing and I enjoy them all!  

I think my favourite pick at the moment would be the Hydrafacial. I have so many regular clients coming in for Hydrafacials and it's that one treatment that just stands out from the rest. You feel and see the differences in the skin straight away - I think that's what makes the Hydrafacial so superior to other facial treatments.

Having an instant radiance and glow as soon as you step out of the clinic, feeling fresh and super hydrated. It's that perfect pamper session with all the great benefits to the skin and has been a huge game changer for so many of my clients.

I find performing this treatment so therapeutic and relaxing, as well as knowing my clients are comfortable and enjoying their treatment too - it's just an all round awesome treatment and I love seeing the results from it.  

What products are you using at the moment?

I am obsessed with the Cosmedix Affirm serum! This has been my go-to product since I started at Youth Lab and I can't live without it. A superboost of Antioxidants, it just absorbs into the skin so nicely and I’ve found my skin feels and looks so radiant and plump since using it! I’ll apply this every morning before applying my SPF.

At night my  routine starts with a double cleanse, I like to mix it up some nights so I alternate between the PCA Facial Wash and the Cosmedix Benefit Clean cleanser. These two cleansers I find do a really good clean and remove all of my makeup from the day. They are both a Gel based cleanser so I don’t find it too stripping or drying to my skin, and even takes away those black panda eyes from my mascara.

I’m a newly found lover of toning - so next up I use my Cosmedix Purity Balance Toner. This has been great for build up/blocked pores and keeps those little bumps away. I’ve definitely noticed a reduction in pore size and leaves my skin feeling super fresh and clean.  I focus my application of this through the t-zone mostly and only slightly over the cheeks!

Another one of my absolute must-haves is the PCA HA Boosting Serum. I find Hyaluronic Acid so hydrating and boosts that natural glow in the skin 10x more when regularly applied, so this is my night time serum. I can't get enough of this product, so much that I keep one as a backup in my cupboard so I never run out.

Then last but not least, i finish with the Cosmedix Serum 16. I’ve always struggled to find a good form of Vitamin A that my skin can tolerate without making me breakout or over drying to my skin. Since using Serum 16, I’ve really seen a reduction in blackheads and just my overall skin texture has really improved. I barely breakout and my skin is soooo soft and smooth!

Q) What treatments have you had done in the past  year? How can we get skin just like yours?

I kick started my treatment routine with a couple of regular Hydrafacials. I was hanging out for one after the christmas/new year break, and I just love the way my skin looks and feels after.

We’ve also done a bit of Skin Needling and Skin Tightening to increase that collagen production. Skin Needling is one of my favourites to have done on my skin, as although I don’t necessarily need a treatment for correction, it helps maintain my skin and I use skin needling as a form of preventative therapy. I love that tight, glowing appearance to my skin about 2 weeks after having needling done and this is something I normally continue maintenance with maybe 1-2x yearly.

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Q) What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

In my spare time, I try to keep myself busy with getting to the gym and spending time with family and friends. I enjoy furthering my education and take on additional courses when I can - keeping up to date with the industry and trying new things is always fun.

My favourite thing to do especially by the end of a busy working week, is looking forward to some down time - whether its pizza nights on the couch; finding that perfect breakfast spot on a Sunday morning or heading down to the beach. I really enjoy having some quiet time, spending time with my partner and giving my fur babies lots of attention!

Q) What is your favourite part of working at Youth Lab?

My favourite thing about being apart of our Youth Lab team is the constant support and team environment we have here. I’m surrounded by such supportive and positive personalities, everyone comes to work with a great attitude and always happy to be at work, we all have so much fun together. I love that we all bounce ideas off one another and we all create a great space to work together in. It's always a good day in clinic, I love what I do and I enjoy working with everyone here at Youth Lab.

Q) What treatment do you see becoming popular this year?

We’ve recently got in PRP (platelet rich plasma). This is becoming quite popular within the Clinic already and I think it's one to watch for 2019. I’m excited to start seeing our clients results and watch how this treatment works its way up the ladder in top cosmetic procedures.

Q) What is the one piece of skin advice you wish all your clients would follow?

Use your SPF daily! I can’t stress it enough to everyone! Whether you work indoors by a computer or outside in our 30+ degree days, it's so important to make sure you are protecting your precious skin at all times- it's what's keeping you together.

Photoageing from sun exposure ages our skin 10x faster than our normal ageing process - so stay youthful and fabulous and apply that SPF guys!