Jawline Define
$1999 (usually $2499)

(4 vials across 2 sessions of fat dissolving treatment)

Fat dissolving treatment contains an acid which is naturally occurring in the body and works to breakdown and absorb the fat contained in the food we consume.

The fat dissolving product is a prescription only medicine which is effective in the removal of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat). The treatment aims to improve the appearance and profile of patients and help to contour the jawline.

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This treatment is thus a long term solution to removing stubborn fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise such as a double chin.

There are a number of indications for fat dissolving injections:

  • Formal TGA approval for the removal of mild to moderate fat below the chin (submental fat).

  • Jawline contouring and sculpting

  • Profile balancing when combined with dermal fillers to the chin and jawline

  • Stubborn jowl fat (off label and advanced technique)

  • Small pockets of fat post liposuction eg to the abdomen or flanks

  • Under arm fat / bra line fat

  • Upper back fat (small pockets)

  • Fat above the knees or elbows

  • Other small areas which are resistant to diet and exercise and are small enough to warrant a non-surgical approach. These are all “off label” uses.

SPECIAL Terms & Conditions

  • Jawline Define Special available for just 10 clients, first come, first served

  • Considered as a standalone treatment, completely separate to any other treatment or packages

  • More than 4 vials of fat dissolving injections may be required and are not included in the special if required