Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Aleks Kaddour

Dr Aleks completed her medical degree at the University of Ulm in Germany, where her interest in skin science led her to specialise in Dermatology.

Dr Aleks trained at Klinikum Bielefeld and has worked alongside some of Germany’s top Dermatologists, acquiring the necessary skills and excellence which adds value to the cosmetic and aesthetic services that she provides today.

Dr Aleks is a fellow of RACGP and holds several certifications in the cosmetic medicine industry, in which she provides exceptional and quality service and product, for whatever requirements you may have.

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I am a busy mother to a beautiful little girl!


Dr Aleks continues to work as a General Practitioner and as a Cosmetic Doctor and is becoming a leading name in both fields.

As a cosmetic doctor, Dr Aleks believes in natural looking outcomes that begin with individually tailored treatment plans in order to achieve outstanding results. She also believes that client education has a direct impact on intended results, better results come from understanding.