Introduction To Mesoeclat Anti-Ageing

Mesoeclat  is an intensive anti-aging and skin rejuvenation system developed by the world renowned skincare company Mesoesthetics. Mesoeclat has been specifically developed to fight the ageing process, stimulate the skin and act directly on the signs of tired and fatigued skin.

The system stimulates the healing and regenerative mechanism of the skin, fighting the skin’s ageing process, promoting the natural defenses of the skin and creating an optimal environment for skin nutrition and moisture. 
The treatment is a regime for five treatments and once completed will produce a rejuvenating effect which brightens and revitalizes the skin resulting in a smooth and even skin tone with less visible signs of ageing. 

The system works in three different ways utilizing three different steps acting synergistically to provide optimal results. The aim of the Mesoeclat treatment is to:

  • Stimulate the renewal of the surface layer of the skin

  • Increase the luminosity of the skin

  • Moisturize and hydrate the skin from deep within

  • Eliminate fine lines and wrinkles

  • Act directly on signs of ageing

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  • Superficial exfoliating solution – The aim of this stage is the preparation of the skin resulting in epidermal renewal and reduction of imperfections. This is applied to a cleansed face and acts as a superficial chemical peel. The solution contains salicylic acid and azelaic acid which acts to gently exfoliate the skin, regulate sebum and oil production and help to fight the ageing processes within the skin.
  • The solution also contains strong moisturizing agents to improve the appearance of aged and rough skin as well as allantoin which is a powerful anti-ageing ingredient that stimulates cell regeneration and protects the skin. This stage of the treatment works to resurface and exfoliate with a high level of tolerance whilst maintaining healthy skin moisture levels.


  • Application of Mesoeclat ampules – The Mesoeclat ampules are an intensive anti-ageing shock treatment with an end result of skin regeneration and increased luminosity. These powerful ampules contain the following antiageing ingredients; Organic silicon with Glycosaminoglycans which work to increase skin elasticity and increasing skin hydration, L-carnitine which iis a strong antioxidant and fights free-radicals in the skin, and alpha-lipoic which works to boost the actions of antioxidants and helps to protect the skin from environmental damage.


  • Maintenance cream – The Mesoeclat cream has a high concentration of ingredients that help with pigmentation, improve hydration and act as strong protective antioxidants. The cream is soothing and cooling which helps to improve the comfort of the treatment. The aim of the Maintenance creams is to moisturize and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles for a perfect skin. The solution contains ingredients such as vitamin E to protect the cell barrier and maintain moisture, kojic acid for its brightening qualities (helps to fight pigmentation) and other anti-ageing ingredients to regenerate stressed and tired skin, prevent premature ageing and protect the skin.
  • The treatment only takes 15 minutes and is comfortable and relaxing. You will feel a slight stinging and burning feeling after the first step however the treatment is pain free and associated with no down time. Immediately following the treatment the skin will feel tight and subtle with an immediate glowing effect.


The treatment is performed in stages. Initially it is best to have one session every 14 days for a total of 5 sessions. The total duration of the treatment is 2-3 months.

Following the initial treatment course, maintenance sessions are performed every 4 weeks for optimal results.

A strict home care regime is recommended including adherence to sun protection. A home care regime will be discussed during your initial consultation with our dermal clinicians and your progress will be monitored closely during the treatment course.


Some patients will experience some slight dryness in the days following their first treatment. Once the treatment course is complete the skin will be luminous, hydrated and visibly younger in appearance.

The overall results of the Mesoeclat treatment are skin that is greatly improved in appearance with a reduction of redness, pigmentation, and fine lines. The skin tone and texture will be improved and the skin will feel lighter and lifted.


This treatment is safe and suitable for all skin types. Unfortunately it is not safe for those who have allergies to Salicylic acid or aspirin, those with active skin infections or have taken a course of prescription acne medications in the last 3 months.

Your suitability for the Mesoeclat antiageing treatment will be discussed during your consultation with our dermal clinician and complementary treatments may also be recommended.


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