Post Procedure Fast Skin Repair


Soothing and regenerative dermal barrier protector

Size: 50ml

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Regenerative cream for sensitive and sensitised skin. Promotes the recovery of the epidermis and reinforces the barrier function, restoring comfort, elasticity and softness

Panthenol’s regenerative efficacy is paired with centella asiatica and allantoin to promote skin recovery and prevent irritation, flaking and redness.

Active ingredients with high lipid content, such as squalene, together with moisturising active ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and urea, restore the balance of the hydrolipidic film and protect the skin from environmental stressors and dehydration.

Acts by modulating the inflammatory response to bring comfort, elasticity and softness to skin.

The presence of a prebiotic, acetyl heptapeptide-4, promotes a balanced microbiota and beneficial bacteria in order to strengthen the barrier function and thus the skin’s natural defence system.

Tretrapeptide-2 offers protection against oxidation produced by the main reactive species from daily exposure to external agents.

Active ingredients:

  • Squalane
  • Peptides
  • Sllantoin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Panthenol

Skin concerns:

  • Sensitivity
  • Redness / Rosacea

• An intensely hydrating cream that comforts and soothes damaged skin
• Helps to nourish and soothe skin
• Helps to decongest and reduce inflammation
• Helps to repair the skin, healing tissue damaged by sun exposure, or the application of treatments
• Great for post-procedure healing
• 50ml

Apply to the treated zone using a gentle massage until completely absorbed whenever the skin feels tight.