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The consultation process at Youth Lab is something we are very proud of.

Each new patient will have a full consultation with our Doctor, Nurse or Dermal Therapist depending on their concerns or their desired treatments.

Consultation Fees

We look to give our clients the best value when it comes to our consultation. Outlined below is an overview of what a Youth Lab consultation involves.

  • Initial consultation with Doctor $95 (redeemable 'on the day only' against any doctor led treatment)

  • Initial consultation with Registered Nurse $49 (redeemable for '2 weeks' against any nurse led treatment)

  • Initial consultation with Dermal Therapist $49 (redeemable for '2 weeks' against any dermal clinician led treatment)

All consultations typically include full clinical photography or VISIA skin analysis and thorough treatment planning. 

*please note that Consultation fees cannot be redeemed against products or treatments on special.

Patient Journey

The patient journey starts with our patient liaison who will get you settled in and ensure we have all of your relevant details including past and current medical history, medications and previous cosmetic or dermal treatments. 

Clinical Photography

Full clinical photography is then performed which is essential for each new patient as a baseline and reference to refer to following treatments. We kindly ask that no makeup is to be worn to your initial appointment. 

Skin Analysis

Our dermal clinician will then do a full skin analysis with our VISIA skin analysis machine and your skin concerns will be addressed. The dermal clinician will establish a treatment plan with you based on your concerns, acceptable down time and budget. If necessary the doctor will also be consulted if any medical treatments may be required. 

Doctor Sit Down

During a doctor's consultation a history and examination will be undertaken and a plan established for any medical grade treatments such as cosmetic injectables, non-surgical facelifts and laser. We ensure utmost privacy and strict doctor-patient confidentiality. We hope to provide a safe and welcoming space where each new patient can feel open and honest about their skin and ageing concerns. 

We will give you an honest opinion and offer only treatments we deem necessary to get you the results you desire. We offer obligation free consultations and recommend new patients to go home and discuss their options with friends and family before making a firm decision. A cooling off period is to ensure you don’t make any decisions based on emotion and excitement during the consultation phase. 

Treatments can be performed on the day but this is at the discretion of the doctor and dependent on time constraints.