July 24, 2019

Introducing PERK – ‘Cleanse with Benefits’

Written by Dr Kate Jameson

We are proud to be the only clinic in Perth who is offering the newest treatment designed to complement the Hydrafacial. Introducing PERK.

PERK delivers a “cleanse with benefits’ and is for those who need an immediate pick me up to deliver instant results of tight, hydrated and glowing skin. The PERK treatment is added after a Hydrafacial for those who may want to look fabulous for a weekend event, special occasion or simply want to feel special.

The treatment only takes 10 minutes, is completely pain free and feels like a gentle massage.

What is PERK?

We are offering PERK for lips and PERK for eyes at Youth Lab.

PERK is the perfect addition to the Hydrafacial as it enables us to treat the delicate eye area and the lips which are not routinely treated in the Hydrafacial. The delicate eye and lip skin also need special care and attention. As such, PERK allows us to really target these areas to optimise results.

Both treatments are an exfoliating type treatment, which help to remove dead surface skin cells and impurities while at the same time delivering high potency peptides and antioxidants into the skin, much like the Hydrafacial.

Instead of using Hydrafacial exfoliative tips, the PERK uses a smooth roller ball which feels like a gentle massage and can reach even the most sensitive areas. Following the in-clinic PERK treatment, we then  provide you with the treatment serum and roller device for you to take home to continue the benefits over the next 30 days (plus a little gift – keep reading).

PERK delivers immediate results and longer lasting results to help replenish your eyes and lips.


We love lips at Youth Lab!

Traditional medical grade skin treatments often neglect the sensitive skin of the lips which can often become dry, dehydrated, flaky, deflated and wrinkly. PERK gives us the ability to exfoliate the lips and infuse nutrients into the skin to give a fuller, more hydrated and primed pout.

The end result are lips that are smoother, fuller and noticeably more hydrated and moisturised. It is the perfect treatment before a big event or night out.

Lip PERK contains ingredients that are suitable for all skin types and even for those who have had previous injectable treatments to the lips. As part of your lip treatment or maintenance regime after lip injectables, this is a must. The lip revitalising serum contains peppermint oil and peony extract which feel beautiful when applied.

Following the lip PERK treatment, we provide you with the treatment serum to take home to continue the benefits of the treatment for the next 30 days. You can use this any time of the day or night to give your lips an instant boost.

Plus you receive a hydrating SPF 30+ lip balm to lock in the nutrients and moisture and to protect the lips from further UV induced damage.


Our eyes are often the first area of the face to show signs of ageing, from skin laxity, fine lines, sagging, puffiness and dark circles.

Eyes also show signs of fatigue, stress and are one of the main concerns we have when it comes to our skin. Due to the delicate nature of the orbital skin many treatments cannot extend close to the eye area or be performed to the strength or depth as the rest of the face. Even with a gentle treatment like the Hydrafacial, we are very careful treating near the eyes.

The eye PERK allows us to deliver a more advanced eye treatment for those seeking an instant pick me up. It is an excellent option for those wanting to awaken their eyes, brighten the skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and give instant hydration.

Eye PERK contains a solution of active peptides that work in synergy to tighten and tone the skin while also delivering essential nutrients and hydration. We love the combination of tea extracts and citric acid (hello bright skin). You will feel instantly refreshed after this treatment.

Again, the eye PERK is best for those seeking a boost before a night out or special occasion.

Following the treatment, the replenishing eye serum is given to you to take home to extend your results as well as two soothing eye masks which contain hydrating cucumber and seaweed extract to cool and calm the skin. We recommend using these at week one and three between your monthly Hydrafacials.

Just ask your Dermal Therapist about PERK at the start of your Hydrafacial treatment.

PERK up your Hydrafacial today!