Founded by Dr Kate Jameson, we are a doctor led medical aesthetics clinic offering a wide range of non-surgical treatments aimed to repair, rejuvenate, enhance and protect the skin.


Youth Lab sets the standard in aesthetic medicine and clinic experience by offering a prestige service and patient experience in a professional and relaxing clinic environment. 

Our exceptional standards are reflected in our clinicians, our treatments, our products and our experience. Our attention to detail is evident not just in our beautiful clinic but in every point of contact with our patients and the results we deliver. 

Youth Lab offers only the best and scientifically proven medical and paramedical treatments. You can trust that you are being cared for by industry leaders who do not give in to the latest industry hype nor treatment of the month.

At Youth Lab we treat each patient as an individual and tailor a treatment plan which sees them achieve continuous results for many years. We believe in enhancing your natural beauty with grace and dignity, and to honor and preserve the gift of youth.  


Vision Statement


To provide a prestige service and exceptional experience to every patient whilst offering only the highest quality treatments to enhance natural beauty and renew confidence. 

We believe that looking after your skin, body and mind is the key to maintaining youth and vitality.


Mission Statement


To be guided by knowledge, excellence and the pursuit of beauty in all forms.

To see that youth, has no age.


Dr Kate Jameson is a Cosmetic Physician and the Medical Director of Youth Lab. 


During her junior doctor years working in emergency departments and on surgical teams she noticed a natural ability and skill in procedural medicine and surgery. Although she was encouraged to pursue surgery as a career path Dr Kate felt more drawn to her patients and their stories outside of the operating theatres. This desire to treat her patients holistically and engage with her community brought her to commence specialist training in General Practice in 2013.

Dr Kate has always had an interest in beauty and aesthetics. She was able to combine her lifelong passion for beauty, art, science and health by studying aesthetic medicine and dermal therapies while working as a GP by completing a Diploma in Dermal Therapies in 2014. She completed her fellowship in General Practice in 2015 and joined the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. At this time she continued to improve her skills and knowledge in cosmetic medicine by starting her own company ‘Dr Kate Aesthetics’ and building her personal brand and reputation as a trustworthy and talented cosmetic physician. 
Dr Kate went on to study further through the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine gaining another Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine and becoming a fellow of the ACAM in 2017. 
Dr Kate offers a patient centered focus to optimise the health and wellbeing of her patients while at the same time using her medical knowledge, technical skills and natural eye for aesthetics to give patients a rejuvenated and natural result following her treatments. She is in a unique position to engage and empower her patients to take control about their bodies, their health and how they age. Patients can feel comfortable knowing they are being treated by a doctor who will cover all bases.
Dr Kate is well respected by her peers and patients. She is confident, honest and approachable and has had a genuine love for both the art and science of medicine.
Youth Lab is Dr Kate’s vision come to life and is the result of years of dedication, sacrifice, study and a love of medicine. 


Accreditations and Affiliations
Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery MBBS (hons) University of Western Australia 2011
Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) 2015
Fellow of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (FACAM) 2017
Advanced Diploma in Dermal Therapies - Cosmetic Medicine Stream (AACDS) 2014
Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine (ACAM) 2017
Member of the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) 
Member of the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia (CPCA)
Member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP)
Accredited by Allergan – makers of neuromodulators and dermal fillers 2011-18
Accredited by Galderma - makers of neuromodulators and dermal fillers 2015-18
Accredited by Merz - makers of neuromodulators and dermal fillers 2016-18
Accredited by Mondeal Aesthetics - makers of dermal fillers 2017-18
Accredited by Austramedex – makers of Silhouette Soft thread lifts 2016-18
Laser Safety Officers Accreditation (licensed to use medical grade laser) 2014, 2017

Dr Christine Cheong is a combined Weight Loss & Cosmetic Physician.


Dr Christine Cheong is a Cosmetic and Laser Physician with a strong focus on aesthetics for confidence.

Trained locally in Perth, Dr Christine initially practiced as a full time Family Physician with a special interest in Paediatric and Women’s Health. During this time, her passion for helping a patient achieve the very best of their health and personal outlook became very much apparent. She subsequently underwent further training in the areas of cosmetic injectables, Laser Treatments as well as Bariatric and Weight Loss Medicine.

With almost 10 years of specialised practice in Cosmetic and Weight Loss Medicine, Dr Christine has seen how our level of nutrition and health status can accelerate the ageing process. As well as this, medical conditions can influence how we view our outward physical appearance and this in turn impacts on our confidence and how we feel.

Dr Christine therefore understands the many reasons why patients desire cosmetic treatments. She is of the belief that Cosmetic Treatments are not about being unnatural or trying to reverse the ageing process but more so about enhancing your best features through an artistic and balanced perspective. She therefore approaches each consultation with care, understanding and professionalism as well as holistic patient assessment. Her interests include pigmentation, laser treatments, fat-dissolving treatments and injectables for facial contouring.

With use of an aesthetic eye and knowledge of skin and multiple treatment modalities, Dr Christine’s passion for her treatments shines through as she aims to provide excellence in assisting a patient to capture their beauty and confidence.

With almost 10 years of specialised practice in Cosmetic and Weight Loss Medicine, Dr Christine has seen how our level of nutrition and health status can accelerate the ageing process. As well as this, medical conditions can influence how we view our outward physical appearance and this in turn impacts on our confidence and how we feel.


Our team has been hand selected by Dr Kate Jameson based on their exceptional clinical skills, depth of knowledge, experience and values.  


The Youth Lab team regularly attends training, conferences and industry events and are always seeking the best treatment options for our patients.  The goal is to continually build and improve upon their skill set to be the best in the industry. We do not compromise on service nor results.

Our team consists of cosmetic physicians led by medical director Dr Kate Jameson, cosmetic nurses, dermal clinicians and our patient liaison team.

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Dr Kate
Medical Director

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Clinic Coordinator

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Managing Director

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registered nurse

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Located on Richardson Street, our clinic is arguably one of the best presented converted character buildings in West Perth today.

The Youth Lab clinic truly is a charming character building comprised of high ceilings, polished floor boards, air conditioning throughout, state of the art medical cosmetic consultation rooms, a laser room, high end modern bathroom facilities and recovery room for after treatment care.