Please see below for our terms of service. These apply to all clients who book an appointment or receive any service at Youth Lab.

Terms Of Service


We will send you an appointment confirmation via email on the day of your booking. An SMS confirmation will also be sent 48 hours prior to your appointment.

We ask that you respond to this SMS once you receive it by replying Yes or No.


For all appointment at Youth Lab, we require a reservation fee to secure your appointment.


  • $250 – Dr Kate Jameson
  • $150 – Cosmetic Doctor Consult
  • $50 – Registered Nurse Consult
  • $50 – Dermal Therapists Consult


  • $250 – Fat Dissolving Injections, PRP, Genius, Intensif, Dermal Filler packages, Halo Laser, Aura Laser Facial, Dermamelan
  • $750 – Collagen Stimulators
  • $50 – All other treatments

If you have purchased a package with us, then we do not require a reservation fee.


Every person’s time is valuable and we will do our utmost best to respect our client’s valuable time.

Therefore, due to our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our clients, we ask that you provide us with at least 24 hours notice to reschedule or cancel appointments.

Non-attendance at an appointment means the time cannot be allocated to another client. Appointment late cancellation or no shows, without adequate reason, will incur a fee. If a reservation fee has already been paid, this will be forfeited.

If you have purchased a package with us, then we do not require a reservation fee. When an appointment late cancellation or no show occurs with a package, then we will have to deduct one full treatment from your package for the lost appointment time.

We understand that emergencies, illness and work difficulties happen but we please ask our clients to inform us if this is the case and to cancel an appointment at the earliest possible time. These conditions are at the discretion of management and exemptions may apply.


Youth Lab has a ‘no refund’ policy on purchases of goods or services if you change your mind. Furthermore, our ‘no refund’ policy applies to medical procedures (including injectables) and dermal treatments and procedures.

Please note that our treatments, services and packages are not transferable to other individuals and they cannot be swapped for other treatments or services. Furthermore, reservation fees typically are non-refundable but can remain on the system as a credit.

Refunds can be provided for retail items if remaining in original packaging and unused.


Payment is required on the day of  appointment normally after the treatment has been provided. For higher-cost treatments, payment may be required before the treatment is performed.


Due to laws affecting advertising of therapeutic goods and services we cannot name specific ingredients, brand names or products in our advertising.

All products and ingredients as well as the risks, side effects, advantages and results of each treatment, as well as alternative options will be discussed in your consultation and a decision made accordingly.

We attempt to keep our pricing up to date regularly, however, please note that it is a guide only to give clients an indication as to expected costs.

All quotes will be provided upon consultation and after skin and facial analysis with recommendations provided by our practitioners.
All specials and discounts have specific terms and conditions which will be stated on the particular special page.

Specials and discounts may not be suitable for particular clients as each individual has specific skin concerns. Suitability for any special or discounted treatment will be discussed in depth during consultation. Treatments are performed at the discretion of the practitioner.

All packages purchased have a 12 month expiry from the date of purchase.

All gift certificates have a 3 year expiry from the date of purchase.


Youth Lab is a procedural medical clinic, we ask that you do not bring any children. It is unsafe to have children in a procedural medical environment and our insurance does not allow it.

It is the responsibility of the client to supervise any children/minors. Youth Lab can not take any responsibility should anything happen to an unsupervised child. If you do bring a child to your appointment, you will have to reschedule the appointment and a fee may apply.

Please be aware that it is the policy of Youth Lab that we do not typically allow family and friends into the consultation and procedural rooms of the clinic.  As we are a procedural medical clinic, only the client is allowed into the treatment room (unless cleared by the treating practitioner) to ensure they receive the best treatment possible.


We do not treat clients for cosmetic injectables who are under the age of 18 years of age, even with parental consent.

We do treat clients under 18 years of age for dermal therapy based treatments for treating conditions such as acne, congestion, scarring etc.


Youth Lab is a procedural medical clinic, we ask that you do not bring any pets into the clinic. We also ask that you do not tie any pets up outside the clinic doors as it is a busy car park and they are at risk left unsupervised.