April 5, 2018

Dermamelan Pre-Treatment Care

Written by Dr Kate Jameson

application of Dermamelan Depigmentation peel

Thank you for attending Youth Lab for Dermamelan. Please take the time to carefully read your post-treatment instructions below.


Removal of Dermamelan Mask

  • The total treatment application time for the Dermamelan Mask and Ion mask is 4 hours.
  • On completion of application time, remove and dispose of the Dermamelan Ion Mask and rinse the cream mask thoroughly with lukewarm water until fully removed, allowing the skin to air dry. Your skin will appear red and warm. 
  • For the first 48 hours post removal you may only apply Melan Recovery and Melan 130 pigment control SPF, reapplying as often as required for comfort.



  • Strict avoidance of heat, sweat and the sun is essential during the depigmentation treatment recovery.
  • Avoid hot steamy showers, spas, and saunas for at least 72 hours
  • Avoid salt or chlorinated swimming for 72 hours
  • Avoid heavy or high-intensity exercise in the first 72 hours.
  • All other facial treatments inclusive of facial waxing, and hair removal modalities must be avoided for up to 6-8 weeks post-treatment unless otherwise advised.
  • Continued use of homecare active products is recommended indefinitely. The provided products are as per MESOESTETIC DERMAMELAN AFTERCARE PROTOCOL (see aftercare below)


The listed below are all normal side effects and should self-resolve within a few days to weeks.

  • After the treatment, your face will feel red, irritated and sensitive.
  • Swelling will also be experienced in the first week. The severity of these temporary effects varies between individuals and can be mild to quite significant.
  • After days 2 and 3, some mild to moderate skin shedding and peeling can begin, which can last up to 2 weeks or longer in some cases
  • Cracks, crusting, scabbing and oozing of the skin
  • After the initial shedding process, your skin may still feel tight and dry for several weeks and the skin can appear pink and “new” for up to 3 months. The severity of red/pinkness can vary between individuals. This “new” skin must be treated with care at all times. 
  • If underlying congestion in the skin is present or you can be breakout or blemish-prone, you may experience some breakouts, purging or pimples during this phase. If this occurs they are very short-lived, resolve fairly quickly and are very normal. 
  • If you have a history of reactive skin, eczema or dermatitis, as well as herpes simplex (cold sores), please be aware through disturbing the immune function of the skin and inducing inflammation, these symptoms can temporarily arise. In the case of cold sores, it is recommended to take a course of preventative antiviral medication before and after your treatment. Please contact the clinic if these symptoms arise.
  • SPF 50+ must be worn at all times and reapplied routinely throughout the day, approximately every 4 hours rain, hail or shine regardless of whether you have plans to head outside.
  • Please note that the severity of recovery and downtime is not an indication of the expected results and varies on a case by case basis. 

For further information on how to manage these side effects, please see ‘Management’. 

On-going aftercare – Begins 72 Hours Following Treatment for 4 months.


  • Hydracream Fusion Cream Cleanser
  • Hydratonic Mist
  • Skin Balance Cream
  • Dermamelan Treatment Cream – can be mixed with Skin Balance cream to assist with tolerance.
  • Melan Recovery
  • SPF – Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control


  • Hydracream Fusion Cream Cleanser
  • Hydratonic Mist
  • Anti-Stress Mask – can be used nightly or on alternate nights. Apply for 10-15 minutes, remove gently with tepid water.
  • Skin Balance Cream
  • Dermamelan Treatment Cream – can be mixed with Skin Balance cream to assist with tolerance.
  • Melan Recovery

After Month 4

Mixing in preferred skin care cleansers, serums, hydrators and moisturisers such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and other antioxidants is permitted as directed by your practitioner. Please do not introduce products or ingredients without clearance from your treating practitioner. 

You may stop using the Dermamelan treatment cream during the AM and continue only with PM applications. Continuing the Dermamelan treatment cream usage at night is required for 6 months. 

An example of a routine is below.


  • Hydracream Fusion Cream Cleanser
  • Hydratonic Mist
  • Anti-ageing/Antioxidant treatment active of choice – Vitamin C or antioxidants.
  • Melan Recovery or Preferred Moisturiser
  • SPF – Mesoprotech Melan 130 Pigment Control


  • Hydracream Fusion Cream Cleanser
  • Hydratonic Mist
  • Antioxidant Active of Choice – Hyaluronic acid, Peptide Serums NO RETINOL required.
  • Dermamelan Treatment Cream 
  • Melan Recovery or preferred moisturiser

*Anti Stress Mask or Hydrating/Nourishing Antioxidant Mask of choice can be used 1-3 times weekly – Apply for 10-15 minutes, remove gently with tepid water before continuing with the night routine.



Swelling can be managed with:

  • Cool compress
  • Sleeping on 2 pillows or upright 
  • Avoidance of heat
  • Antihistamines (for example, 10mg of loratadine daily). 
  • Is severe swelling please contact the clinic to arrange a review

Skin cracks and sensitivity

Sensitive areas around the eyes, nose and creases of the chin and mouth are particularly prone to sensitivity, increased shedding, crusting, scabbing or oozing which may “crack” with natural motions or movement of the face: eating, drinking, talking and smiling.  This is normal and expected but can be uncomfortable. 

Cracked and sensitive skin can be managed with:

  • Regular applications of Melan Recovery
  • Use of Stratacel or Bepanthen can also assist. This is available from pharmacies. 
  • It is essential to NOT pick the skin as this can lead to scarring 


How long until I see results?

During the first and second week of the Dermamelan program, substantial visible improvement in the level of pigmentation can be seen, however, the in clinic Mask application only forms a small portion of the overall treatment program.

It is vital to strictly follow the ongoing at home depigmentation protocol to continue the depigmentation process. It is normal to experience “ups and downs” (darkening and lightening) with the visibility of deeper underlying pigment that is being treated with this ongoing process and the final result is seen after 6-9 months of treatment.

When should I get another treatment? 

Your practitioner will inform you when to schedule the Healite LED Therapy sessions following your Dermamelan Treatment, as well as any further treatments that may be recommended to enhance your final results.

Many find a repeat treatment at 6 months gives the most optimal results however annual maintenance treatments are also effective. It is very much a case-by-case basis as every skin responds differently to treating pigmentation. 

Those prone to hormonal pigmentation or have a genetic predisposition to pigment (eg freckles) will always need lifelong management of pigmentation. This is not a quick fix nor permanent treatment. 

Occasionally, further Dermamelan maintenance cream may be required if pigmentation is severe or if aftercare instructions were not followed correctly. Please note that if you require any further Dermamelan maintenance cream, this costs $448. Other alternatives including over the counter pigmentation serums and prescription creams may be provided., 

How long do the results last?

The majority of clients experience a significant improvement after just one treatment. Longer term results are dependent on strict home care (as provided as part of the treatment as well as the recommendations made for maintenance) as well as continued avoidance of sun exposure, triggers for melasma and daily use of broad spectrum SPF.

Home care and use of a pigment suppressor must be continued long term, even past the initial 6 months to maintain pigment suppression and the quality of the skin that is achieved following Dermamelan (this is especially important in cases of hormonally driven pigment such as melasma). Other products or your regular skincare regime may be used following the 16 weeks of formal Dermamelan treatment at the discretion and recommendation of your dermal practitioner.

Please contact the clinic on (08) 9324 1604 (West Perth), (08) 9260 6800 (Claremont), (08) 9260 6880 (Joondalup) or (08) 9260 6820 (Applecross)  if you have any questions about your treatment or aftercare instructions