Cosmetic Registered Nurse

RN Isabelle

Isabelle graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2018, where she went on to nurse within the hospital setting prior to joining the Youth Lab team in 2020.

She has quickly become one of our most valued Cosmetic Registered Nurse Injectors within the clinic, and has continued to strengthen her knowledge about skin and injectables through her Graduate Diploma in Cosmetic Nursing and Injectables at AACDS.

This has provided her with a wealth of knowledge surrounding skin conditions and appropriate treatments to target each condition or concern, a deep understanding of common skincare ingredients, as well as cosmetic surgical interventions and injectable treatments.

With a thorough understanding of facial ageing, Isabelle is able to provide clients with appropriate and effective treatment options to help soften the effects of ageing, whilst maintaining natural results. She is passionate about educating and guiding her clients toward the right direction in addressing their concerns and developing a treatment journey uniquely tailored to each individual.

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I am a Quadruplet! I have a close bond with my siblings and love sharing my birthday with my two sisters and brother.

RN Isabelle

Isabelle has a strong desire for knowledge and a passion for educating others within the cosmetic industry. She is eager to put her passion into practice and start mentoring injectors beginning in the industry, guiding them through facial anatomy, treatment indications and appropriate treatment options and injecting techniques.

Isabelle believes in treating clients with a holistic approach while also achieving desired results – not just focusing on the one feature, but looking at the individual’s whole self. This includes their internal gut health and its effects on external aesthetics.

She has learnt personally the importance of gut health and the effects an optimal gut can have on skin, energy and stress levels as well as chronic inflammation within the body.

Isabelle believes in using cosmetic injectables to enhance one’s natural beauty, to encourage client confidence and as a means of ageing positively.