Dermal Therapist


Jenna is a passionate and diligent Dermal Therapist with an extensive background in elite clinics and luxury spas.

Jenna’s Dermal Journey began back in 2007 graduating from South Cheshire College, UK with a diploma in Beauty Therapy after a short amount of time out in industry Jenna discovered her passion lay within restoring and empowering her clients skin confidence both inside and out.

Feeling a thirst for more knowledge and understanding of skin and the science behind achieving the desired results for her clients. Jenna went on to continue her study and graduated from the University of Derby, UK in 2010 exceeding in Advanced Anatomy and Nutrition.

One thing I really miss about home (England) are my pet tortoises Ken & Davina! Believe me, they’re characters and can keep me entertained for hours.

performing hydrafacial treatment at Youth Lab

Since graduating Jenna has worked within a prestigious skin clinic in the UK where her skills and knowledge flourished before moving to Australia and joining our team here at Youth Lab.

Jenna loves treating acne and age concerns both preventive and restorative, with a cosmetic and holistic eye focusing on not just factors of the outer skin but also internally through nutritional values, hormonal aspects and lifestyle factors.

It would have to be the Dermamelan treatment program. I have achieved INCREDIBLE (and I mean INCREDIBLE) results for my clients with this treatment!

Favourite Treatment