Clinic Manager


Mandy has been delivering exceptional customer service for over 25 years in the fashion and beauty industry whilst raising 3 beautiful girls.

Her knowledge and excellence in these industries have been both recognised and rewarded. 

Mandy has worked for elite clinics, and alongside award-winning plastic surgeons and cosmetic injectors. She has also managed and been involved in high-end boutiques and local based fashion labels and stores.

The experience Mandy shares with the clinic encompasses a client-focused desire to nurture trusting relationships. She is sensitive to the needs of each individual and makes them feel special from the moment they arrive.

I love a Body Attack class and have been chasing them around Perth for over 15 years!

Clinic Coordinators

Mandy’s can-do attitude, passion for all things cosmetic and her professionalism help her efficiently coordinate the frontline of our clinic. She always strives for the positive out of any situation. 

Mandy has a keen interest in nutrition and fitness with a desire to pursue more knowledge and education in these fields.