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Originating from vibrant London, Manisha embarked on an path that began with rigorous training, ultimately landing her a role as a trainer at the very institution where her passion for the industry was ignited. Manisha comes to Youth Lab with a wealth of knowledge and experience.
Guiding and nurturing others in their beauty and wellness journeys is Manisha’s passion, having worked with with prestigious skincare and spa brands.

Among her standout experiences, Manisha cherishes the opportunity to work alongside the iconic Reebok brand during the launch of their inaugural UK private members club. Here, Manisha and her team provided an unrivaled premium experience. From personal chefs catering to individual dietary preferences to expert personal trainers, dieticians, and even specialized laundry services for fitness attire, the attention to detail was unmatched. Crafting travel experiences tailored to members’ sporting, fitness, and well-being needs was also part of Manisha’s repertoire.

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When I’m not doing exploring the coastline, you’ll find me amongst family and friends cooking up a feast! This is definitely my happy place and where I relax the most as I’m constantly surrounded by culinary enthusiasts who speak the same food language.

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Two decades ago, Manisha ventured to Perth, where she discovered a world of contrasts in skincare needs and concerns compared to her previous experiences. Premature aging and pigmentation emerged as the top priorities for her clients in Western Australia.

Today, Manisha is an integral part of the Youth Lab Dermal Team, collaborating with some of the industry’s most talented and knowledgeable skin experts. The journey from London to Perth has been one of continuous learning and adaptation, a testament to Manisha’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving world of skincare.

Manisha’s passion extends beyond the workplace. She is deeply invested in the scientific aspects of skincare, constantly exploring science-backed treatments and products to optimise skin health. An unwavering dedication to growth and evolution has been the driving force behind Manisha’s success.