Cosmetic Registered Nurse

RN Jess

Jess is a highly skilled and compassionate nurse injector, whose diverse educational and professional background has uniquely positioned her to excel in the field of cosmetic nursing.

Originally from the UK, Jess embarked on her career in event management, where she worked with prestigious brands such as Fairline Luxury Yachts and Aston Martin, based in Dubai. This role honed her organisational skills and her ability to manage high-pressure situations with grace and efficiency.

In 2012, Jess moved to Australia, where her entrepreneurial spirit led her to run several successful businesses. However, her passion for helping people and her interest in the intersection of business, beauty, and healthcare drove her to pursue a career in nursing. Jess completed a Master’s in Nursing with a focus on cosmetic injectables, a field that perfectly aligns with her love for people and her business acumen.

Jess’s educational journey is as impressive as it is diverse, holding a BA in Event Management and a Postgraduate qualification in Primary Education, making her a qualified primary school teacher before she transitioned into nursing. This varied background has equipped Jess with a broad range of skills and perspectives, which she brings to her practice in cosmetic nursing.

Nurse Jess
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I love to travel and I’ve visited over 20 countries with plenty more planned. 

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Since starting her career in cosmetic injectables in Perth in 2019, Jess has been mentored by several doctors and has attended numerous overseas training conferences, ensuring that she is at the forefront of the latest techniques and innovations in the field. Her approach as an injector is rooted in the belief that good foundations are key. She integrates topical skincare and laser treatments alongside injectable treatments to support the longevity of the results. Jess aims to restore rather than recreate, maintaining a personalized, youthful appearance for her clients.

Outside of her professional life, Jess is a dedicated mother and friend. She spends her time running to her children’s activities, caring for their pets, catching up with beloved girlfriends, and cooking up a storm. For Jess, happiness is found not only with a needle in hand at work but also in the kitchen, where she expresses her love for her family and friends through her culinary creations.