Clinic Coordinator


Sarah is a highly enthusiastic and passionate professional who is dedicated to providing a 5-star experience to all clients at Youth Lab.

As a day maker, clients love Sarah’s approach to going above and beyond to make sure they feel seen and heard.

With over 10 years of experience in customer service across various industries, including hospitality, retail, and medical fields, Sarah brings a wealth of expertise to her role as Clinic Coordinator. She has previously managed a global active wear and wellness brand, leading a large team to success and ranking among the top 5 performing stores in the Asian Pacific region.

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 I have completed the Rottnest Channel Swim five times. 

Youth Lab waiting room

Sarah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from The University of Notre Dame, which she completed in 2020. She started her career in Surgical and General Medicine, which gave her a broad understanding of the medical field. However, her passion for helping others led her to explore the field of aesthetic medicine early in her career.

Sarah is thrilled to be part of the Youth Lab team and looks forward to continuing to expand her knowledge and love for aesthetic medicine among the industry leaders.