Dermal Clinician


After completing an Apprenticeship of Hair & Beauty and 5 years of working in some of Sydney’s prestigious salons, Savannah upgraded her apprenticeship and embarked into the world of skin.

Focusing on her passion for evidence-based skin care and treatment modalities, Savannah completed a Diploma of Beauty Therapy and a Bachelor of Health Science Dermal Therapies at Victoria University.

With this 12 year experience, Savannah remains passionate about evidence-based skin care and stays current by treating alongside renowned and award-winning cosmetic Doctors, Nurse Injectors and fellow Dermal Clinicians.

Being surrounded by an educated team has expanded her critical thinking when it comes to treatment approaches and changed her view of aesthetic beauty for the better.

I am that crazy dog lady at the park (or pretty much anywhere) who will stop and say hello and get cuddles from every puppy dog possible! The meme of someone laying covered in countless fluffy puppies is actually my dream!


Savannah noticed a reoccurring behaviour during her treatment years, that clients wanted to know more.  More about treatment options, ingredients and what is actually happening in and on their skin.

Savannah spends much of her time in clinic educating her clients about their skin. She believes in educating and empowering clients with assisting them to understand their skin and how to best treat conditions and concerns.

Do I really have to pick just one? I have so many! I am a big fan of treatment stacking, so at the moment I am really loving the combination of BBL and HALO resurfacing or BBL and Skin Needling. The results are amazing and we can target so many different aspects and concerns of the skin, so you see a total skin rejuvenation.

Dermal Clinican Savannah on her favourite treatment to perform