Cosmetic Registered Nurse

RN Shannon

Shannon is a Cosmetic Registered Nurse and preventative ageing professional.

Shannon performs cosmetic injectables in clinic, and provides treatment recommendations and planning for your preventative ageing (or enhancement) journey. She can refer you to her most trusted practitioners for anything she feels might be of benefit from a preventative ageing, or internal health perspective.

Shannon believes it is important to assess the ‘whole picture’ (internal and external factors) when it comes to achieving the best results, always having your wellbeing and understanding as her highest priorities. Education, consistency, and developing an achievable maintenance plan together with you, is her goal.

Shannon is also a trained yoga teacher, which she utilises for body and stress maintenance, in conjunction with her knowledge of skincare and eternal health. She loves everything about preventative ageing and believes strongly in working towards achieving optimal health, so you can look and feel beautiful, inside and out – that is her passion!

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I worked cruise boat for a year which was a great experience. I am also a qualified yoga instructor, and am addicted to nut butter so have banned it from the house!


Shannon is passionate about a holistic approach to the ageing process and skin health. She focuses intently on the effects that gut health, hormonal (im)balance and stress factors can have on your skin, employing the effective use of conservatively, correctly utilised cosmetic injectables and skin treatments.

Shannon advocates this approach in order to accentuate your natural radiance and help maintain facial balance and harmony, with the aim to keep you looking natural, youthful and fresh. This holistically inspired take on preventative ageing is reflected in her natural look injectables, the aim being – to always achieve the best version of YOU.

She has been a Registered Nurse since 2005, beginning her career in Operating Theatre (Cosmetic and Plastic surgery). She moved away from Theatre and began focusing in Cosmetic Nursing in 2008.

Shannon has trained under some of the best in the business including; Dr Jayson Oates, Dr Tracey King, and more recently Dr Kate Jameson. It is her aim to be at the forefront of the latest innovations in injectable sciences, technologies and techniques.