April 5, 2018

BBL Forever Bare Pre-Treatment Care

Written by Dr Kate Jameson

BBL Hair Removal treatment

Please take the time to carefully read the pre-treatment instructions below. 

Pre-treatment preparation 

  • Please arrive at your appointment fresh-faced with no makeup or fake tan. 
  • Please avoid sun exposure for at least 2 weeks pre-treatment. If your skin is sunburnt or recently tanned then treatment will need to be delayed. Fake tan is not to be worn or used in the 2 weeks prior to treatment. 
  • Ensure strict SPF 50+ usage for 2 weeks in the lead-up to your appointment
  • Please ensure you have shaved the treatment area. If our therapist is required to shave the area for you, extra fees will be incurred. 
  • No waxing or tweezing to the treatment area for 6 WEEKS prior to treatment. 

Treatment will not be performed: 

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding. 
  • If you have a cold sore or a healing cold sore 
  • If you are on any light-sensitising medication or have light-sensitive conditions such as epilepsy, you may need clearance from your GP or our doctors before we can perform a treatment.
  • Treatment may not be performed if you have had injectables in the 2 weeks prior to treatment. This is at the discretion of your treating practitioner. 

Please inform the clinic, with at least 48 hours notice, if any of the above apply to you so we can reschedule your appointment accordingly. 

Providing a list of previous treatments and current skin care is helpful for our therapists, doctors and nurses to make adequate assessments and plan your treatment. 

Accurate quotes for your treatment course will be provided on the day of treatment. 

If you have any questions prior to your appointment please email hello@youthlab.com.au or call the clinic on 9324 1604 (West Perth), 9260 6800 (Claremont), 9260 6880 (Joondalup) or 9260 6820 (Applecross).