Ultimate Clear Treatment Lotion


Clearer, smoother skin

Size: 30ml


The Ultimate Clear Treatment Lotion is a microbiome-friendly, multi-action treatment that effectively enhances skin affected by blemishes. This formula blends potent exfoliators with antioxidants and skin-soothing agents to diminish visible redness, soothe, and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier.

Active ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid
  • Mandelic acid

Skin concerns:

  • Acne / Congestion
Ultimate Clear Treatment lotion
  • Microbiome-Friendly: Supports skin's natural flora.
  • Multi-Action Treatment: Improves skin affected by blemishes.
  • Exfoliators and Antioxidants: Helps renew skin and protect against environmental stressors.
  • Reduces Redness: Calms irritation for a clearer complexion.
  • Strengthens Skin Barrier: Reinforces the skin’s natural defenses.
Ultimate Clear Treatment lotion

Apply once a day, on alternate days, gradually build to daily as tolerated. Always apply SPF 50+ during the day when using Ultraceuticals treatment products.

Ultimate Clear Treatment lotion