"To be guided by knowledge, excellence and the pursuit of beauty in all forms. To see that youth, has no age"

- Mission Statement -


Youth Lab is a medical aesthetics, cosmetic clinic providing cosmetic injectable procedures, non-surgical medical treatments and advanced clinical dermal therapies to enhance natural beauty, restore confidence and protect the skin. We are a doctor led cosmetic clinic with a strong focus on scientifically proven treatments, professional development, safety and medical ethics. 

Youth Lab sets the standard for in clinic experience by offering a prestige service and patient experience in a professional and relaxing environment. Our exceptional standards are reflected in our clinicians, our treatments, our products and our experience. 

We believe in enhancing your natural beauty with grace and dignity, and to honour and preserve the gift of youth.  

Our Packages.

Our signature treatment packages have been developed by Dr Kate Jameson and are a combination of the most effective and popular treatments for full facial rejuvenation. Tailoring each treatment to each individual patient we offer outstanding results with total face revitalisation and enhancement.

Packages typically include a range of premium dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections and a range of dermal therapy treatments. Furthermore, our packages can be used to treat all areas of the face, with a full treatment plan will be determined at the initial consultation. Areas treated include lower face, mid face, cheeks, chin, tear troughs and lips as well and smoothing and relaxing fine lines. 

Treatment packages for dermal and skin treatments are also available to maximise results and investment. 

It is often a combination of treatment modalities, from anti-wrinkle injectables, dermal fillers, light based treatments (BBL Skin Rejuvenation), dermal treatments (Hydrafacial) and clinical home skin care that give the most outstanding results, to enhance natural beauty and slow down the skin ageing process. 

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2 ml dermal filler


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2ml dermal filler (cheeks) + 1ml dermal filler (lips)


shutterstock_603317543 - web ready.jpg


3 areas wrinkle relaxer + 3ml dermal filler


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