Correction and Revision

At Youth Lab we offer a range of corrective services for complications following injectable, dermal and laser treatments.

Our team offers expertise in complication management and ethical and compassionate guidance on improving outcomes.

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Correction and revision of complications following cosmetic procedures


Case dependent, please see FAQs below


Case dependent


Case dependent


15 to 30 minutes

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Dr Kate performing cosmetic injectable treatment
The cosmetic doctors at Youth Lab specialise in corrective and revision treatments for clients who may have had complications from procedures performed elsewhere.

Unfortunately cosmetic medical and surgical procedures still carry risks and often adverse events can occur.

In addition, due to no adequate regulation in the cosmetic medical industry, there are providers offering procedures for which they are not adequately trained, nor insured to perform. As such, this has resulted in a rise in ‘botched’ treatments and an increase in adverse events.

Many inexperienced (and unethical practitioners) will offer discounted prices to get clients through the door, however when a complication or adverse event occurs they are not equipped, nor willing to manage these complications. Many clients report being ignored or brushed off by these practitioners and are desperately searching for help.

Dr Kate Jameson and our team routinely manage many of these clients and strongly believe in advocating for best practice and ethical medicine in the cosmetic medical industry. Dr Kate has a special interest in corrective procedures.





What corrective services are available?

At Youth Lab we offer a range of corrective services for ‘botched’ injectable procedures (such as wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers).

We have the expertise, equipment and knowledge to manage adverse events such as ischemia/necrosis, post inflammatory nodules,  infections and burns.

We also have close relationships with some of the best plastic surgeons in the Western Australia who we can refer to for more complicated surgical corrections.

These include:

  • Correction of lip fillers – lumpy lips, infection, poor cosmetic outcomes.
  • Correction of swollen, puffy and lumpy tear trough or under eye fillers or unsightly results from dermal fillers placed elsewhere.
  • Treatment of infection or delayed onset inflammation  as a result of dermal filler injections.
  • Treatment of necrosis (skin breakdown and death) following dermal filler injection – this is an emergency treatment and all clients will be offered priority treatments. This includes dissolving the filler, referrals for hyperbaric oxygen therapy, LED light treatments and PRP for skin healing and rejuvenation.
  • Correction of poorly placed wrinkle injections resulting in eyebrow droop, eye droop or asymmetry.
  • Hyperpigmentation following laser, IPL or chemical peels.
  • Scars and skin wounds following cosmetic treatments.

How long will the corrective process take?

It is important for clients to note that the corrective and revision process may take time with multiple treatments required.

Different modalities may also be used including dissolving dermal filler with Hyaluronidase (Hylase™), re-treatment with more dermal filler or wrinkle injections, light based treatments such as laser and LED, antibiotics,/antivirals to treat infection, steroids to treat inflammation, hyperbaric oxygen and PRP to name a few.

What are the costs?

Full quotations and treatment plans will be provided at consultation as every correction is unique. Cost will be dependent on the level of corrective work required and what subsequent treatments may be needed.

Corrective and revision services are for significant complications, not simply for those clients who regret having a treatment or who have unrealistic expectations regarding results.

Youth Lab may also offer free of charge corrective services for certain clients. This is performed at the doctor’s discretion.

Dissolving of dermal filler from another practitioner starts at $400 (including of consultation, hyaluronidase injections and follow-up)