Plasma Therapy (PRP)

PRP works by stimulating the skin's stem cells to regenerate new collagen and elastin, resulting in rejuvenation of the skin and slowing the signs of ageing.

PRP is the perfect treatment for those who seek natural results and who are committed to long term skin health.

Suitable for

Natural facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, eye rejuvenation


Practitioner dependent, please see FAQs below


2 to 7 days


Average of 12 months following course of treatment


30 to 45 minutes

Pregnancy Safe?

No (modified treatment available while breastfeeding)

Preparing the Plasma Therapy (PRP)
PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is an advanced treatment in aesthetics and regenerative medicine.

It has become popular over recent years with celebrities and those who value a natural facial rejuvenation treatment.

Also known as the ‘vampire facial’, PRP uses the body’s own blood to derive platelet rich plasma which is then used to simulate skin cell growth and renewal.

PRP works by stimulating the skin’s stem cells to regenerate new collagen and elastin and remove damaged skin cells in a natural way. This results in rejuvenation of the skin and helps to slow and reverse the signs of ageing.

There are many PRP systems on the market today, many of which are used for both medical and cosmetic indications. The variety of PRP systems marketed mean there are differences in quality and results.

Our choice of PRP system is Emcyte PurePRP. Emcyte PRP is the leader in medical aesthetics and results in a higher concentration of platelets which release growth factors and stem cells; resulting in the formation of new connective tissue.

before and after of Plasma Therapy (PRP)
As PRP uses the patient’s own blood the end result is natural and without risk of significant side effects.

Platelet rich plasma contains platelets which contain growth factors. These are responsible for wound healing, tissue regeneration, collagen production, vascular re-growth, connective tissue formation and bone mineralisation.

Platelet rich plasma is used for regeneration and rejuvenation in facial aesthetics, cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery, orthopaedics and wound care.

before and after of Plasma Therapy (PRP) - close up
Research into PRP is ongoing and it is an exciting and emerging field of medicine.

Emcyte PRP can be used for multiple rejuvenation treatments, not limited to the following:

  • Reduction in fine lines and wrinkles such as crow’s feet, lip lines and smile lines
  • Natural improvement of under eye volume loss, skin laxity and dark circles
  • Improvement of loss of facial elasticity and sagging skin
  • Improvement in skin tone, complexion and texture
  • Rejuvenation of the neck and décolletage
  • Rejuvenation of aged and sun damaged hands
  • Hair regeneration and regrowth
  • Skin tightening







What does the treatment involve?

PRP uses the patients’ own blood which is drawn up and placed in a centrifuge to spin down the blood and extract the platelet rich plasma.

The procedure is performed following a thorough consultation with our doctors or nurses to determine your concerns and suitability for the procedure. Following consent for the procedure, blood is taken and the treatment area is cleaned. A topical anaesthetic cream may be applied for comfort.

Following this the PRP is injected into the treatment area, such as the face, neck or hands. Alternative treatments may include skin needling the PRP into the skin in a more superficial way. From here the PRP releases growth factors which then generate cell growth and regeneration, new blood vessel formation and production of new collagen and elastin. This results in connective tissue formation, skin tightening and rejuvenation.

The procedure takes approximately 45-60 minutes. Full aftercare instructions are provided following each appointment.

How long do results last?

Results from PRP become evident within 8-12 weeks with the end result evident at 6 months. Results are a gradual process due to the generation of new collagen, elastin and connective tissue which is an ongoing process.

You will notice a gradual yet noticeable improvement in skin texture and appearance but it is important to note that the results are not immediate and are patient dependent and depend on factors such as diet, smoking status and general health.

A series of treatments is recommended with 3 being the ideal number for optimal skin rejuvenation. Our suggested protocol is for the second treatment at 6-8 weeks followed by a third treatment at 3 months. The effects of PRP can last from 12 months to two years. Often having a treatment every 12 to 18 months can maintain and improve results as time goes on, slowing down the ageing process with continued collagen production and skin renewal.

Combining PRP treatment with skin resurfacing, medical grade skin needling and dermal fillers can dramatically enhance the results. Final results will be skin that is tighter, brighter, smoother with a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles.

What happens after my treatment?

There are minimal side effects and down time associated with Emcyte PRP. This PRP system is generally more comfortable than others on the market although many report that the treatment does sting following injection.

Post treatment, there will be some redness and swelling to the treatment area much like with other injectable treatments. Bruising is a possibility due to injections however this is expected with an injectable treatment and is generally self-limiting and mild. Many patients can return to normal activities the day following the treatment.

Following the procedure, it is important to protect the skin from the sun and maintain hydration by the application of gentle moisturisers and broad spectrum sunscreen. This will protect the skin and prevent any damage to the newly forming collagen and elastin cells.

Full after care instructions will be provided.

What are the risks of treatment?

Due to PRP being autologous, meaning it is from the patient’s own body, there is no risk of allergic reactions making PRP low risk of side effects and a well-tolerated procedure. The procedure is performed under aseptic conditions which further reduces risk.

Unfortunately, patients with certain skin diseases such as active SLE, those undergoing active chemotherapy, liver disease and abnormal platelet function and those who are taking anticoagulant medications such as warfarin and heparin should not have this treatment. We will discuss any contraindications during your consultation and discuss other possible treatments if required.

Results are optimized in patients with good general health who are non-smokers.

What are the costs?


  • Full face PRP treatment $890 (7ml PRP)
  • Eye rejuvenation treatment $790 (3.5ml PRP)
  • PRP with Skin Needling $590 (3.5ml PRP)


  • Package of 3 full face treatments $2538. Includes 3 complimentary Healite LED treatments (save $282).
  • Package of 3 eye rejuvenation treatments $2268. Includes 3 complimentary Healite LED treatments (save $252).
  • Package of 3 PRP with Skin Needling $1728. Includes 3 complimentary Healite LED treatments (save $192)

Additional Information

  • Other areas available such as hands, decolletage, neck.
  • Individual quotes available following consultation.
  • Injectable PRP is performed by our Doctors and Registered Nurses.
  • PRP with Skin Needling is performed by our Dermal Therapists.