December 9, 2022

What can you do to fix a double chin?

Written by Team Youth Lab

Fat dissolving injections
A Guide to Getting Rid of Fat Under Chin

Looking to remove a double chin? In case you’re lucky enough not to know what we’re referring to, a double chin is a stubborn excess of fat cells in the submental area below your jawline, which can be difficult to shift even with diet and exercise. 

While a double chin is usually not a sign of an underlying health condition, it’s not exactly what most people hope to see in the mirror. With aging, this aesthetic concern can seemingly pop up overnight, often first noticeable in photographs or selfies. A double chin can make you feel not your best aesthetically speaking. While it is a common facial feature, it can impact confidence and self-esteem in both personal and professional settings. 

We will discuss double chin treatments in this blog, however, it’s important for us to stress that, in the vast majority of cases, a double chin is purely of aesthetic concern. As with all aesthetic concerns, a double chin only calls for treatment if it is troubling to the individual. 

Thankfully, with advances in cosmetic technology, it is easier than ever to get rid of a double chin. At Youth Lab, our cosmetic practitioners approach every case on a client-by-client basis. Your comfort and aesthetic confidence are our top priorities. 

At Youth Lab, your practitioner can guide you through non-surgical double chin treatments to remove excess fat cells permanently, resulting in a more sculpted jawline. 

Why do I have a double chin? 

A double chin can be caused and exacerbated by many factors. One of the most common culprits is weight gain and fluctuating weight. Erratic weight changes are a double chin factor that calls for a medical and dietetic approach to treat the underlying issue. 

Many clients find that their double chin is genetic. You have a higher chance of retaining excess fat cells in this area if this is something your family members have also struggled with. 

Bad posture is a less commonly considered factor that can lead to a double chin. When we have chronically bad posture, the muscles at the front of the neck can be weakened causing the area to lose its firmness. 

Natural Remedies for Under Chin Fat

Recently, facial yoga has had a resurgence in popularity thanks to social media accounts, celebrities, and yoga experts promoting it as a tool for facial slimming, sculpting, and double chin removal. There is little to no scientific evidence to suggest this is an effective treatment for a double chin, however, this may be an effective way to drain excess fluid from the lower face resulting in a more streamlined appearance. 

Other old wives’ tales include chewing gum being an effective way to spot-treat a double chin with repetitive exercise. While we wish a packet of Wriggly’s Extra could give us a toned chin and chiselled jawline, this is more likely to strengthen the masticatory muscles, which can in fact widen the appearance of the lower face. 

Diet and exercise are the most effective non-cosmetic option available to clients with a double chin, however, these pockets of fat can be resistant. A good exercise routine and a healthy diet can not be discounted for any skin and health issues arising from weight gain.

For those struggling with weight gain and obesity, the best approach is to work with a dietetic professional to put in place a realistic exercise and diet plan. Cosmetic procedures are not a substitute for healthcare. 

Non-Surgical Treatments for Under Chin Fat Removal

For those looking for long-lasting results when treating stubborn fat that refuses to budge with diet and exercise, Youth Lab has multiple cosmetic treatments available to treat a double chin. 

Fat Dissolving Injections

Fat-dissolving injections are Youth Lab’s most popular and effective way to dissolve and remove the layer of fat permanently from a double chin. It’s important to note that these injections only dissolve fat and will not assist with loose or sagging skin. Although Australian TGA guidelines prohibit us from using the name of the fat-dissolving injections we use, the product is the latest in fat-dissolving technology. 

Although fat-dissolving injections incur minimal downtime when compared to surgical options, we still recommend clients account for two weeks of recovery. This is to allow time for the swelling to subside. Two treatment sessions are required for maximum effectiveness, and each procedure takes merely 30 minutes. This is an excellent treatment to target mild to moderate double chin fat. 

As with any injectable procedure, clients will likely experience bruising, swelling, and redness accompanied by some pain and discomfort, but by following proper aftercare instructions, recovery can be pleasantly quick.

PDO Mono Rejuvenating Threads

PDO Mono Rejuvenating Threads are an effective non-surgical option to treat a double chin with low downtime. Made of a delicate, synthetic material, the threads dissolve over time as they work.

At Youth Lab, our practitioners use Mono Rejuvenating Threads to support aging skin while stimulating collagen and elastin production. For clients looking to treat a double chin, Mono Rejuvenating Threads are ideal for restoring the shape of the jawline and neck area, which, in turn, can improve the appearance of the lower face.


While not an effective standalone treatment approach for a double chin, clients can use certain serums, masks and moisturisers to improve the texture of neck skin and can firm the skin. It’s important to be wary of any fat-dissolving creams, gels or masks on the market which are not effective. 

RF Skin Tightening

Radio Frequency Skin Tightening is an energy-based treatment used for skin tightening by heating the layer of skin with radio-frequency energy which then boosts collagen production in the skin. This is a good treatment pairing for those undergoing fat dissolving. As mentioned above, fat-dissolving injections do not assist with skin laxity, which is where skin tightening can come in to enhance your results.

RF Skin Tightening is an excellent choice for aging skin, but is not a solution for severe loss of skin laxity which requires a surgical approach. 

Surgical Treatment Options for Double Chin

Liposuction is a well-known surgical alternative to cosmetic treatments for chin contouring. This treatment can be performed under local anesthesia by a cosmetic surgeon. This process does not address sagging skin in the neck, so other procedures may be required.  Downtime for liposuction includes bruising swelling and redness. 

So, there you have it! You’ve learned all about the pesky double chin and how to treat it if you choose. The best course of action when targeting any aesthetic concern is to seek a consultation with a cosmetic expert who can accurately assess your unique situation and construct a tailored treatment plan.