February 9, 2024

The Pregnancy Glow-Up with Nurse Lizzie

Written by Team Youth Lab

RN Lizzie Pregnancy Blog

Pregnancy is a wild ride, it is filled with cravings, mood swings and that elusive thing called the “pregnancy glow”. While some mums-to-be radiate with the glow, others might not feel it as much and see skin concerns come up that they have never encountered before including acne and pigmentation. Mummas may feel they are always waiting for that glow with their unpredictable skin just like the unpredictable moods. Let’s dive into the world of pregnancy skin treatments and get that glow. 

Cosmetic injectables 

We all know you love getting your favourite injectable treatments in the clinic with us, and we also love seeing your faces but unfortunately, these treatments will have to be put on pause while you are waiting for your little bundle of joy. There has been very little testing as it is unethical to test on a pregnant mother, so it is unclear whether or not injectables are safe during pregnancy. 

While injectables during pregnancy are a no-go, that doesn’t mean you still can’t pamper yourself. There are many other treatments we can consider if you want to keep that radiance and youthful glow. There will be plenty of time to continue your injectables journey after your baby and breastfeeding journey. 

Dermal treatments for two 

Treatments during pregnancy can be an adventure, especially when you’re aiming for a relaxing experience but your baby decides it’s time for a dance party which only makes you more nauseous. Coming in for a treatment will be just what you need to relax and get off your feet (hopefully it is an uninterrupted relaxing one hour). Even though some treatments are off-limits including lasers and some peels, we can customise the treatments which we can do for you when you come in. 

Blame the blemishes on the hormonal twists, or maybe the constant snacks at midnight are the secret to your radiant skin. But never fear, we have options to help you along your pregnancy skin journey. It is important to keep in mind how pregnancy can impact your body in different ways. Many hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and when lactating these are all normal and are temporary as your body is creating a beautiful bub so hopefully, these treatments will give you the pick-me-up you may need.


This treatment can do amazing things for your skin when pregnant. As some steps in this treatment contain salicylic (this is also a no-go when pregnant and breastfeeding) we will skip these steps and alter the treatment to ensure this treatment is pregnancy and breastfeeding-safe. This treatment will help to reduce congestion, improve skin texture, hydrate and give you a radiant and clear complexion. This treatment will also help improve the absorption of your homecare products as during the treatment a gentle exfoliation of the upper layers of skin will occur. 

Healite II LED

A classic treatment that will never go out of fashion and can be added to any of our treatments is an LED light. LED lights have become very popular due to their many health benefits and are safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding. The warmth of the light (imagine you are in Santorini on a daybed) and rest for 15 minutes is pure bliss and an ideal way to extend that time on the treatment bed or even just come in for a quick 15 minutes if you are time poor and help combat any of those skin concerns you may have. Improving collagen and elastin that can creep up very quickly, especially with the lack of sleep and hydration and the added benefits of targeting specific concerns such as acne and even eczema which can be a common concern that may creep up on you during your pregnancy. 

Now you can have an LED treatment in the comfort of your home with the Omnilux LED mask for regular home treatments and an excuse to sit back and relax and watch that Netflix show all while looking like the Phantom of the Opera, but I promise it is worth it! 

Oxygen Lift Facial

This treatment is now my amazing go-to treatment before any event. During pregnancy that “glow” that everyone seems to be talking about may not have been encountered by you just yet. This treatment will give you a sense of that. An antioxidant facial helps to stimulate oxygen and circulation and support the skin. This treatment will help give you a radiant and healthy glow which will pick you up from any dull or stressed skin vibes your skin is giving you. 

Skin needling

If you are wanting something a little bit more, skin needling may be an option for you. This is because skin needling helps stimulate the body’s natural healing process which can help increase collagen bank supplies, help with pigmentation and overall skin rejuvenation. The only thing about this is we won’t be able to use numbing cream for your treatment and won’t treat you as deeply but this will help treat some of your concerns and continue your anti-ageing journey. 

Homecare advice 

Homecare is something you can undertake in your pregnancy journey. If your skin is flaring up or you don’t have time to come into the clinic or that nausea won’t let you leave the house then homecare will be something you will be very interested in. 

Retinol/vitamin A/Isotretinoin is the first thing I will mention as a big no-no while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Unfortunately, retinol during pregnancy has been linked to causing developmental issues which is why it is best to avoid this skincare product. Never fear, we have its pregnancy-safe best friend bakuchiol which is a plant-based retinol substitute. This product can help with speeding up cell turnover, and improvement of pores and skin texture. 

Vitamin C and SPF products daily are something I used to help protect my skin during the day against free radicals and help with any pigmentation by brightening my skin and protecting against sun damage while I was pregnant. Pigmentation is very common during pregnancy due to the amount of oestrogen, this may cause flare-ups with melasma which can be combated by using these products and we can take care of your skin after you have bub to help reduce this hormonal pigmentation. 

Hyaluronic acid is a product that can be used to keep your skin feeling plump and hydrated, as your little bub is drawing a lot of water from you this may be why you are finding your skin is feeling a little dryer than usual. On this note, a good moisturiser such as Skinceuticals Triple Lipid will help improve your skin barrier by increasing the fatty acids and ceramides that naturally occur. 

Lucky last, of course, there is our trusty “Anti-wrinkle in a bottle” ExLinea peptide smoothing serum which is the holy grail when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. This peptide treatment will help soften areas that have fine lines and wrinkles. It has powerful antioxidants that hydrate, plump, smooth and firm ageing skin. You will almost want to drink it! 

The battle of the bump 

As you lovingly rub that Buddha belly, you might find yourself in a fierce battle against some stretch marks. Pregnancy stretch marks are normal and common during pregnancy, some women may be proud of them or some not so much, this is a completely normal feeling to have but they are caused by your skin stretching beyond its usual limit from growing your little bub. You may notice them on your belly but also your breasts, hips and bum. Another issue you may combat is itchy skin. This is because your skin is stretching and why you need to keep that skin nourished. It is best to use a very rich moisturiser twice a day as well as a rich oil to keep your skin hydrated. 

If you’re enjoying the pregnancy glow or if you are on the constant adventure to find the glow, there are always unexpected twists and turns in the pregnancy skin journey. Let your skin be the canvas for the beautiful journey of pregnancy. After all, the best glow comes from expecting a little bundle of joy. 

Nurse Lizzie