Introduction To Fat Dissolving Treatment

Fat dissolving injections are a non-surgical option to dissolve and permanently remove small areas of stubborn fat. These injections can be used to sculpt, contour and define the lower face as well as remove stubborn fat elsewhere on the body.

This injectable treatment has been available in Australia since 2017 and Dr Kate Jameson was one of the first doctor’s trained in its use. Youth Lab are proud to be one of the highest users of this treatment in Perth, with high patient satisfaction and excellent results.

Due to strict Australian Laws we are not able to advertise the brand name of this treatment as it is a prescription only medication (much like wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers). Fat dissolving injections have been approved for the removal of fat under the chin also known as submental fat but its use extends to other areas of the body.

Fat dissolving injections contain an acid which is naturally occurring in the body and works to breakdown and absorb the fat contained in the food we consume. One removed, the results are permanent.

fat dissolving injections by Dr Christine

The acid contained within fat dissolving injections has been formulated into an injectable product which, when injected into an area containing fat cells can dissolve and destroy the fat within that area. Once a fat cell has been destroyed they are unable to store fat anymore thus reducing the total amount of fatty tissue in an area. Once the desired aesthetic result has been achieved, no further treatments will be required. 

This treatment is thus a long term solution to removing stubborn fatty deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise such as a double chin.

There are a number of indications for fat dissolving injections:

  • Formal TGA approval for the removal of mild to moderate fat below the chin (submental fat).

  • Jawline contouring and sculpting

  • Profile balancing when combined with dermal fillers to the chin and jawline

  • Stubborn jowl fat (off label and advanced technique)

  • Small pockets of fat post liposuction eg to the abdomen or flanks

  • Under arm fat / bra line fat

  • Upper back fat (small pockets)

  • Fat above the knees or elbows

  • Other small areas which are resistant to diet and exercise and are small enough to warrant a non-surgical approach. These are all “off label” uses.

frequently asked questions


Much like other cosmetic injectable procedures such as dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxers, a thorough consultation with our doctors and nurses will address your concerns and your suitability for a treatment with fat dissolving injections.

The treatment involves sterilising and marking the treatment area with a special grid to enable precise delivery of the fat dissolving acid. Small injections with a small needle are then made into the fatty tissue. The procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes.

Local anaesthetic cream may be applied prior to the procedure and ice will also be applied during the treatment to help numb the skin. Occasionally local anaesthetic is injected into the skin prior to the treatment to ensure patient comfort. After the injections the area can feel warm and prickly (similar to sunburn). This is usually worse in the hour following the treatment. Simple pain relief such as paracetamol and antiinflammatories such as ibuprofen are advised after the treatment.

Only medical professionals can perform this procedure.


The results of fat dissolving injections are permanent.

Initially a treatment will be performed every 4-6 weeks (ideally 6 weeks to ensure full results and resolution of swelling). No more than 6 treatments are generally required with the majority of patients having their desired result after 4-6 treatments.

We prefer to offer TWO initial treatments consisting of TWO vials of the fat dissolving agent at each treatment session (4 vials total). This is the minimum needed for results however it is important to note that more vials may be required during each treatment session with up to 6 treatments for some cases. For very small areas (eg size of a 50c coin, 1 vial may be enough per treeatment session).

The amount needed will be determined at your initial consultation as every patient is different in their requirements.

Please note that with any cosmetic procedure it is important to have realistic expectations as the treatment is a non-surgical option which may not have the same overall result as surgical liposuction.


As with any cosmetic injectable procedure there are expected side effects which may include pain and discomfort, bruising, swelling and redness. The swelling may persist for up to 4-6 weeks after the treatment while the acid is working to dissolve the fat. In the case of this treatment swelling is a good thing, it means the fat dissolving treatment is working.


The treatment is very low risk and effective with only minimal discomfort. There are certain risks as with any medical procedure.

Occasional side effects with fat dissolving treatment may include temporary numbness to the skin under the chin and areas of hardness to the injected area. Rare side effects include temporary problems with facial muscles eg weak smile and problems swallowing (due to nerve injury). However these should resolve within a few days to 2 months at longest.

The treatment cannot be performed if you have an active infection in the treatment area. It is important to inform your doctor if you have had surgery to the face/jaw/chin, previous cosmetic injectables, bleeding problems or taking blood thinning medications (eg aspirin). The treatment cannot be performed in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


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