Introduction To Medical Facials

Medical-grade facial treatments, are indulgent and relaxing facial treatments that are also used to treat particular skin conditions and concerns, and are safe for all skin types.

Utilising medical grade active cosmeceuticals enables ingredients to penetrate to a much deeper level of the skin to change it’s functioning on a biological level, to increase cellular turnover, remove impurities, stimulate collagen and elastin, intensely hydrate, rejuvenate and repair the skin's barrier function.

Medical facials can be tailored to address the patients individual concerns such as :

  • Aging and Sun Damage

  • Dull and Sallow skin

  • Uneven skin tone and texture

  • Pigmentation

  • Fine lines and Wrinkles

  • Redness and Rosacea

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Oxygenating Trio

A potent antioxidant therapy formulated to correct and prevents free radical damage, support skin metabolism and stimulate oxygenation and skin circulation, using a combination of both AHA’S and BHA’S formulated to promote a radiant and healthy glow. The perfect pick me up pre event for dull, sluggish & stressed skins.

Collagen 360

A firming and tightening treatment specifically designed to counteract the loss of collagen and combat chronological aging. Formulated with a high concentration of enriched marine collagen, Mesoestetic collagen 360 stimulates the cell renewal process and reactivates the skin's natural production of collagen adding volume and plumping to the skin.

Stem Cell

A Regenerating skin treatment using plant stem cells designed to protect existing skin cells by stimulating the skin's natural self- repair process. The nanoencapsulated plant stem cells formulations support skin cells by strengthening their ability to heal and repair. While also Combating advanced signs of photoaging and skin damaged by intrinsic factors, skin stress or environmental exposure.

Energy C

A brightening antioxidant treatment with Maximum vitamin C concentrations, when applied topically proven to have thirty times the therapeutic effects of oral supplementation. Thanks to the high concentration Mesoestetic Energy C is the ideal treatment for dull and lifeless skins starting to showing first signs of chrono and photoageing, skins that have become fragile due to excessive sun exposure, poor nutrition or stress related factors.

Radiance DNA

A powerful age prevention treatment designed to slow down premature ageing and reduce deep-set wrinkles by reactivating cell regeneration, a unique combination of active ingredients selected for their antioxidant, protective and DNA repair stimulating properties leading to an increase of cellular function, improving skin texture, wrinkle reduction and added volume.

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After a full consultation with our dermal clinicians a treatment plan with be established. This will determine the correct type of medical facial for your skin and the appropriate intervals between treatments.

Baseline clinical imaging photos may be taken if this is your first visit to the clinic. This is to establish skin concerns and is a great tool for assessing your results from your skin journey.

Your therapist will then take you through to your treatment room, allow you to get settled and comfortable on the bed, before commencing a thorough cleanse and tone. This is the first step in evaluating your skin, how it responds and what it needs.

The specifically chosen active ampule is then infused into your skin through relaxing massage movements along with a therapeutic cosmeceutical cream. The treatment is finished with a crystal fibre mask that further infuses active ingredients stimulating the skin’s biological functions, and finally with finishing products and SPF.

Adding on the Healite LED Therapy to this treatment is highly encouraged to further stimulate collagen, elastin and cell renewal.


Skin improvements are subtle and results will be enhanced by completing the recommended course of treatments.

The expected results for each particular type of medical facial will be discussed during your consultation and treatment plan. Ongoing maintenance with home care products and regular treatments are essential to ensure long lasting results and healthy skin.


There is no down time involved with our Medical facials and patients can return to work and go about their normal day. In some cases there maybe some mild flushing that settles down very quickly. Normal make-up can be worn immediately afterwards.

As a precaution we advise no sun exposure (hat and sunscreen is ok), no heat inducing activities such as steam, sauna, excessive exercise etc., and no harsh chemicals or irritants for 5 days post procedure. Your dermal clinician will instruct you on the appropriate skin care routine for you to follow after your treatment.


Medical grade facials are safe and effective with virtually no side effects. A full consultation will be conducted prior to your treatment to ensure that there are no contraindications such as allergies or medical conditions. Please contact the clinic prior to your appointment if you have any concerns regarding this.


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