May 19, 2018

Mesoeclat Aftercare

Written by Dr Kate Jameson

Mesoclat Anti-Ageing treatment

What to expect after your treatment

Mesoeclat has been developed for better and more immediate stimulation of the skin’s natural defense mechanisms, effectively fighting all factors that speed up the physiological process of skin ageing. 

Mesoeclat stimulates the dermis and provides the necessary elements for optimal nutrition and hydration, acting deeply and directly on the signs of fatigue and ageing from the very first session.

The results of a Mesoeclat treatment are not immediate. The Mesoeclat treatment is an intense course of FIVE treatments spaced every 2 weeks followed by monthly maintenance. Use of the Mesoeclat home care cream is highly recommended to amplify results. Results will continue to improve over time. 

Results need to be maintained by appropriate home product use and sun protection. Maintenance treatments every 1 to 3 months will ensure optimal results. 

It is important to avoid sun exposure, tanning, exfoliation and non-prescribed skincare products before the treatment as this may affect the end result and result in unwanted side effects. By adhering to the pre-treatment skin preparation your results will be optimised with a lower risk of any side effects and downtime. 

The treated area must be treated with care. BE GENTLE! Do not scratch or pick at your skin.

After treatment, your face may feel slightly red and irritated but makeup can be applied (with clean hands or a clean brush). The most important step in your routine will be an SPF 50+ at all times.

After 3-5 days there may be some mild skin shedding and peeling. This does not happen to everyone and is no indication as to the success of treatment. 

Please note that not all ‘peels’ cause visible peeling of the skin. Some peels produce a microscopic shedding of the outer dead skin layer which is not visible to the naked eye. The presence or absence of visible peeling does not impact the final results and in some skin types aggressive visible peeling of the skin is not advised. 

If underlying congestion in the skin is present, you may experience some breakouts or pimples after undergoing any exfoliating treatment such as the Mesoeclat treatment. If this occurs, they are generally short lived and resolve fairly quickly.

However, if more serious acne or congestion is present, please anticipate worsening symptoms of your acne/congestion if the Mesoeclat is your first in-clinic treatment. Purging of acne and congestion is a normal response to treatment and indicative that the skin is responding.

Deeper congestion that may not have been visible to you before may become apparent. Other treatments may be recommended if this is a significant concern. 

A commitment to appropriate home care, diet and your treatment course will ensure optimal and long term results. 

Immediate aftercare – what to do at home

  • Moisturise and hydrate adequately day and night. Your Dermal Therapist will advise you of the best skincare regimen for your skin to complement this treatment and address your particular concerns. Please do not deviate from this regime. 
  • Use of the Mesoeclat home care maintenance cream each night will amplify results. 
  • Use SPF 50+ daily and reapply when required
  • Do not rub, pick or scratch the skin.
  • Avoid the application of fake tan or spray tan for 1 week
  • Do not use any AHA or BHA, harsh exfoliants or acidic based products for 2-3 days (eg Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic etc) 
  • Do not use any Vitamin A/Retinol based products for 2-3 days (eg Retin A, Retinoic acid, Stieva A, Zorac etc)
  • It is important to avoid any sun exposure for the week following treatment and any excessive heat such as hot showers, steam rooms, and saunas for 24 hours.
  • Avoid exercise for 24 hours and swimming for the next week

Treatment follow-up

Subsequent treatments are based upon your therapist’s recommendation and are typically 2 weeks apart. 

An initial treatment course of 5 treatments is recommended. 

Monthly to 3 monthly maintenance treatments are advised for long term results. 

Please contact us on (08) 9324 1604 (West Perth) or (08) 9260 6800 (Claremont) if you have any questions about your treatment or aftercare instructions.