February 10, 2021

2021 Trend Predictions

Written by RN Lili

I think we can all agree that 2020 brought some new and interesting times for us all, especially in the aesthetic world where we saw some wild trends appearing.

Starting with the “Squiggle Lips”, then the more heavily requested Cat-eye and lastly the overfilled jawline.

 It is going to be interesting to see what the weird and wonderful trends of 2021 will be. 

As many of you know, at Youth Lab we don’t follow the trends, we aim to give you the most naturally enhanced version of yourself… these results are not often attained by following trends and using cookie-cutter techniques, but rather by individualising your treatment.

Treatments that were highly sought after at Youth Lab in 2020 would be both cheek filler and jawline filler, as clients are now becoming more aware of the ageing process, which is excellent! This is allowing less attention to be drawn to the overfilled lips, with many clients actually opting to have older filler dissolved to attain a more natural appearance… of which the Youth Lab injectors specialise in.

2021 Predictions

Well, I am scared to see what trends start to emerge from the deep dark world of craziness, but I am sure they are going to be very creative!

I predict that further education will be gained by the clients on the ageing process (look at you, you wonderful learners!!) and along with your phenomenal knowledge on the benefits of cheek and jawline filler, we will place further attention to the temple area. 

The temple area, in the correct client, allows a seamless contour into the cheeks, avoiding the dreaded “peanut-shaped” face. This is also a common side effect seen from overfilled cheeks. 

Being a Youth Lab veteran, I have also had the pleasure of watching client’s attention to skin health become a focal point. 

Along with this I am seeing more and more clients be aware of the importance of SPF. I anticipate this to continue… at the end of the day, SPF is the cheapest anti-ageing product that there is!! (I already know that some of my clients have this echoing in my voice as they read this – sorry! Haha)

Along with SPF, I anticipate that clients will also opt for antioxidant products.  At-home skin care that contains antioxidants assist the skin to protect itself from external irritants and free radicals, leaving it stronger and healthier than ever.

Trends to avoid

This one is simple, avoid anything that makes your treatments look unnatural. 

Everyone has different facial features and what can look beautiful on one person may not on the next. This is where your injectors technical eye is important, along with their honesty to tell you no and recommend an alternate treatment to attain your goals.

What I treatments I will be having done?

As I approach 30 (help!) I am starting to notice early signs of jowling, therefore my current focus is my lower face. To address this area I will use a combination of dermal filler to my jawline to create support, along with the BBL SkinTyte II to assist with collagen stimulation to this area.

During the warmer months I like to keep my skin hydrated with frequent Hydrafacials and LED treatments

I try to undertake LED treatments weekly to assist with my dermatitis flare ups! Anyone who has seen me during an active flare up knows that I end up looking quite interesting to say the least. 

During the cooler months, I prefer to undertake more intense treatments, because my social life isn’t as crazy (it’s the perfect excuse to need to stay home). I like to undertake BBL Corrective treatments to address my sun damage created in the summer, along with my yearly HALO treatment. 

By this point, I feel like a glowing goddess and I am ready to take on the world!

What treatments I am excited about performing?

We all know how much I love performing lip filler, but I have recently also enjoyed the results of jawline and chin filler, which unfortunately can be a very neglected area of the face. Although I tend to dissolve lips which are overfilled, in the instance where a client is not yet comfortable to do so, adding some chin filler can help lengthen the lower face, helping the lips not to be so drastic. 

I love that jawline and chin filler can give an instant youthful result, with minimal downtime and it is a very comfortable treatment to undertake for the client. 

I know that 2021 will be even better than last year and I believe that the Voldemort year of 2020 has reinforced the need for us to look after our mind, skin and bodies. I anticipate this new learning to be a major focal point into the treatments of 2021 and I look forward to helping you all continue to sparkle!

Love always, Nurse Lili xoxo