Introduction To Laser Resurfacing and Rejuvenation 

Laser facial resurfacing is a procedure used to address the signs of ageing such as lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, pigmentation, scarring, uneven skin tone and texture. As we age the effects of sun damage, environmental stress, lifestyle choices and the inevitable ageing process can change the quality of our skin quite significantly. With age and time comes wrinkles, textural changes and pigment irregularities.

Traditional laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation have involved ablative lasers such as Erbium and CO2. Erbium lasers are the gold standard in resurfacing with less down time and less risk of complications than a CO2 laser.

Halo Fractionated Laser

Introducing the Sciton HALO, the world's first hybrid fractionated laser. Youth Lab is exceptionally proud to be the first clinic in Perth Western Australia to introduce the Halo laser as part of our commitment to innovation and delivering exceptional results.  

The HALO is the world’s first laser to utilise both Ablative and Non-ablative wavelengths of light, delivering a new and exciting way to resurface the skin and maximise the results without the discomfort and downtime normally expected from fully ablative lasers.

 The HALO uses fractionated laser technology, delivering laser energy in a series of dots or channels while leaving surrounding skin intact. Fractionated treatments allow the epidermis (top layer of skin) to heal quickly as long as the deeper dermis remains intact.

Hybrid Technology

Traditional ablative resurfacing is a well established treatment that vaporizes and removes aged skin but has risks and downtime and can be very painful. Non-ablative laser treatments cause a deep heating and ‘thermal injury’ to the skin and ‘coagulates’ which in turn stimulates collagen and skin healing. These lasers generally have much less down time but take many treatments for any noticeable results.

The HALO uses both an ablative Erbium (2940nm) and non-ablative diode (1470nm) wavelengths to deliver ablative results, with non-ablative down time. This synergistic effect delivers better results, with a more tolerable recovery and less risks. The result is brighter and glowing skin that is unsurpassed when compared to other lasers.

The laser works to reverse the signs of ageing by damaging and removing the old and damaged superficial epidermal cells of the skin. The laser penetrates deep into the skin using heat energy, targeting water within the skin, this controlled damage to the skin promotes the skin's natural wound healing response which in turn switches on collagen and elastin production, new growth of healthy blood vessels to supply oxygen and nutrients and removes damaged skin cells which contribute to the appearance of ageing skin.

The skin is effectively plumped out from the inside revealing fresh and healthy new skin with healthy levels of collagen and elastin which are depleted with age.


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The end result’s of the treatment are:

  • Tighter more elastic skin

  • Decreased appearance of lines and wrinkles

  • Smoothing of raised and depressed scarring eg acne scars

  • More even skin tone and reduction in sunspots, redness and pigmentation

  • Decreased sun damage

  • New and healthy collagen resulting in a plumper looking skin

  • Improved appearance of pores

  • Overall improved texture of the skin

  • Reduction in hormonal pigmentation

  • The undeniable HALO GLOW - increased luminosity and clarity


The Halo can also be customised to individual skin concerns and desired down time delivering perfectly customised results. Although there are several different types of laser on the market to address these concerns and perform laser ‘peels’ the Halo has the benefits in controlling the depth of the treatment so precisely for each individual patient. From performing full facial resurfacing to a more gentle peel, the skin will be treated with the precise amount of energy required, no more nor less.

Treatment Options

Some of the Halo treatments offered include:

  • Halo Pro - The full Halo treatment utilising the Halo hybrid fractionated laser technology. This treatment can be tailored to individual concerns with more intensive treatments as required. This is a doctor only treatment.  

  • Halo Glow Facial - * coming soon * Our popular Halo Glow Facial utilises the non-ablative wavelength working to stimulate collagen production, plump the skin and deliver an immediate glow and refined skin texture. Similar to the popular Clear and Brilliant treatment but delivering more impressive results,  this is the perfect laser facial to maintain youthful looking skin and prepare the skin for a big event. A no down time treatment performed by our Cosmetic Registered Nurses and Dermal Therapists.

  • Halo and BBL - Combining the full Sciton technology of Halo and BBL can deliver the most impressive results. BBL Photorejuventation can first address superficial pigment, sun damage and redness followed by the Halo to further resurface the skin, remove deeper dermal pigment and stimulate collagen and elastin for long term results. The combination of BBL and Halo increases down time slightly and is a doctor only treatment.

In addition to treating  wrinkles, scars, sun spots, actinic keratoses and poor skin tone and texture; the treatment can also address isolated lumps and bumps such as skin tags and seborrheic keratoses.

Halo can be performed to the face, neck, decolletage, and hands or any area where there is sun damage or textural concerns. The results are permanent and only 1-2 treatments are required for dramatic results. Annual maintenance of your investment into your skin will deliver long term and beautiful results.

Frequently Asked Questions


Following your consultation with our doctor to determine your suitability for the procedure and following the consent process you will have your photographs taken and a local anaesthetic cream will be applied to your face. This will be left on for approximately 30-45 minutes.

Safety shields will be applied to your eyes and once the face is numb the treatment will begin. This involves passing the laser over the skin in different directions. The benefits of this treatment is that it utilises a computer guided scanner to move the laser beam around a pre measured treatment area, no areas of skin are missed and the risk of overlap is minimal. The strength of the laser will be predetermined depending on skin type, previous skin preparation with other treatments and desired outcome.

The treatment is not painful and will feel like a warm, prickling sensation. The Halo has a cooling device inbuilt which further improved the comfort levels during the treatment. The treatment time for a full face treatment is approximately 30-40 minutes.


The results and longevity of the treatment depends on the condition of the skin prior to treatment. When used in relatively healthy skin for fine lines, wrinkles and mild to moderate sun damage results will be evident after only one treatment. For more severe sun damage, dyschromias and deeper scars and wrinkles, two or more treatments are recommended. On darker skin types, due to the risk of pigmentation changes, the settings used are much lower to ensure safety. As a result more treatment sessions will be required. Treatment of hormonal pigmentation will require multiple treatments at very low settings.

The Halo stimulates collagen which will continue in the 4-6 months following treatment, during this time the skin will continue to show improvements. Investing in the Halo is investing in your skin’s long term health.

Once the results are evident the skin will appear smoother and more refined with a decrease in sun damage, less fine lines and wrinkles and a clearer complexion. It is important to continue to look after the skin after a Halo treatment, to prevent any further damage. Strict adherence to sun protection, a prescription skin care product regime and maintenance treatments with the BBL other modalities are recommended.

Many patients have a full Halo treatment once a year as ‘maintenance’ with 3 monthly Forever Young BBL treatments to keep the skin healthy.


Following the treatment a cooling balm will be applied as well as cool towels and the cooling device. The skin will feel very warm, will appear red and feel tight and slightly uncomfortable. Swelling may also occur a day or two following treatment. This is normal but can often be a bit confronting.

You will be provided with all after care instructions and provided with pain relief if needed, post laser care ointments and antibiotics/antivirals (to prevent a cold sore outbreak) if indicated.

The average ‘down time’ for the Halo at moderate settings is 5 days. Following treatment the skin will remain red and there may be visible swelling. It is important to maintain the moisture levels of the skin at this time and apply the recommended moisturisers to protect the new skin which is healing. Dryness and Peeling will then occur generally after 3-4 days. It is important not to pick at the skin at any time as this can result in infection, scarring and abnormal pigmentation. In deeper, more intense treatments you may notice some pinkness which can persist for up to one month but this is easily covered with makeup and not noticeable.

It is important to avoid any sun exposure following the treatment and always wear broad spectrum SPF if going outside. Avoiding cosmetics is needed for the first few days and no active cosmeceutical products (including vitamin A and C) for the duration of the healing process.

We offer a complimentary Healite II LED healing treatment in the 2 weeks following treatment (for full Halo Pro treatments) to enhance results and encourage the healing process. The Youth Lab doctors, nurses and therapists are available for any concerns during this time also.


When performed by experienced practitioners in the appropriate medical conditions, the Halo is low risk. The results speak for themselves, however as with any medical grade laser there are some associated risks which include:

  • Redness which can persist for a few weeks after treatment.

  • Swelling which can occur for the first 3-5 days if higher, more intense settings used.

  • Outbreak of HSV (cold sores) in susceptible individuals, often more severe than usual. We can provide prophylactic antiviral medication for this reason.

  • Mild outbreaks of pimples and acne, this is due to the sebum being released from the deeper sebaceous glands and also the use of the oily after care creams

Rarer more serious side effects include:

  • Risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation - this is pigmentation changes that usually occur in darker skin types. Although the Halo has much less risk of this than a CO2 laser or fully ablative Erbium laser. Those with darker skin need to be on a lightening agent for 6-8 weeks prior to treatment. If this were to occur it can be treated with prescription lightening agents.

  • Hypopigmentation can also occur but is very rare

  • Bacterial or fungal infections. These can easily be treated with antibiotics and tend to only occur in very deep treatments

  • Scarring or burns is extremely uncommon, however when they do occur it is often due to inexperienced operators.

At Youth Lab only doctors can use our laser devices as per Western Australian Radiation Council Regulations. We are fully registered with the radiation council and have a laser safety officer on site.


To view our up to date pricing please visit our Energy Treatment Pricing page and look up under the Halo - Hybrid fractionated laser section.