Bespoke Meso Infused Micro Needling Skin Treatment
Just $159 (normally $200) 

The Youth Lab team has developed a treatment of specialised active cocktails for skin corrective and enhancing solutions. To deliver these active cocktail solutions to the skin, we utilise our advanced micro needling technology devices that help infuse the solutions deep into the skin.

Meso Glow Micro Needling Explained

The Mesoetherapy solutions are designed to provide bespoke solutions for a number of common skin concerns. Each vial of solution contains the active substance necessary to ensure an optimal result during each treatment process. 

The treatment process consists of a relaxing cleanse, followed by micro needling using our advanced MPen Pro at a depth to optimise penetration of the active Mesotherapy solutions. Unlike traditional skin needling, the aim is not to induce injury to the skin, the procedure is pain free with zero down time. During the micro needling process, the solutions are infused into the skin. 

The end result of treatment is a luminous glow with results continuing for weeks as the solutions work at a cellular level. Treatments can be performed every 15 to 21 days for optimal results.

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Select Meso Solution

Specialised Mesotherapy active cocktails of skin corrective and enhancing solutions.

meso facial

Infuse Meso Solution

Utilising advanced micro needling to open pores, we then infuse Mesotherapy solution.

A beautiful team, and oh so knowledgeable. I will definitely be going back for more treatments.
— Chloe Joy


Select from any customised cocktail of Mesotherapy solutions:

  • Pigmentation Solution - a powerful combination of active substances to correct pigment changes, unifying skin tone and restoring brightness and vitality.

  • Photoageing Solution - protects the skin from environmental damage with antioxidant, firming and moisturising effects. Corrects wrinkles and restores loss of tone while adding luminosity.

  • Facial Tightening Solution - designed to restore firmness and counteract the effects of ageing. Stimulates collagen in affected areas and especially beneficial for the cheekbones, chin, face contour and double chins.

  • Mesotox Solution - A cocktail solution of peptides proven to reduce and prevent the appearance of fine lines and winkles. It works to prolong the results of anti-wrinkle injections and can prevent long term wrinkle production. Best used in the upper face.

  • Mesopeptide Solution - This solution contains powerful peptides which work to promote thickening of the dermis to result in firmer and tighter skin. Can be used over the whole face for optimal results.

  • Antioxidant Solution - a combination of antioxidant ingredients to brighten the skin while protecting against UVA and UVB rays and inducing collagen stimulation.

  • Acne and Congestion Solution - solutions tailored to combat acne, congestion and dehydrated skin. Designed to enhance hydration and skin flexibility while stimulating collagen formation and repair of damaged skin from scarring.

Optional Add Ons

healite led

Healite II LED

Healite II is a revolutionary LED phototherapy treatment for skin rejuvenation in a truly safe and highly effective way. LED therapy treats the skin without any heat damage and has no associated down time.

What does it cost?

The Healite II add on costs $50 (usually $89). Just ask your Dermal Therapist to add it on to your micro needling treatment.

peptide mask

Peptide Mask

Collagen Peptide masks are well known for delivering a post treatment luminous glow after a single use, leaving your face looking instantly younger and radiant.

What does it cost?

The Peptide mask add on costs $50 (usually $89). Just ask your Dermal Therapist to add it on to your micro needling treatment.


SPECIAL Terms & Conditions

  • Special applies to a Full Face treatment only (no additional areas included e.g. neck)

  • Treatment must be performed in March 2019 for special price to apply

  • One use per client, no multiple bookings

  • Considered as a standalone treatment, completely separate to any skin needling packages

  • Multiple treatments may be required and are not included in the special, if required