July 24, 2018

Dr Kate’s Favourite Skin Treatments in 2018 (So Far)

Written by Dr Kate Jameson

Since opening Youth Lab in January 2018 I have been keeping a close eye on all the treatments we perform here in the clinic. There are so many to choose from but so far I have outlined my favourite treatment trends of 2018 that are focused not so much on facial transformation, but on protecting and promoting skin health.

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Dr Kate x

1) Dermamelan

The Dermamelan de-pigmentation treatment is the world’s leading treatment for pigmentation, sun damage, hormonal melasma and sun spots. This incredible treatment is a topical peel treatment where the treatment is applied in clinic and left on the skin for 8-12 hours.

The treatment includes powerful lightening and brightening ingredients which work to inhibit melanin formation, decrease the appearance of existing pigmentation and break down damaged skin cells. It is safe to use on all skin types and those who have significant pigmentation which has not responded to other treatments and that cannot be treated safely with treatments such as BBL and laser.

The added benefits to the Dermamelan treatment are an overall improvement in skin tone and texture, brightening and refinement of the complexion and a younger looking skin.

2) Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial treatment is revolutionizing the non-surgical treatment market. Replacing more abrasive traditional methods of microdermabrasion, the Hydrafacial gently exfoliates, extracts, infuses and hydrates the skin in a single treatment.

The treatment has immediate visible effects of clearing the skin, brightening the complexion and exfoliating debris and congestion. The addition of antioxidant and hyaluronic acid infusions protect the skin and promote collagen and elastin production. The treatment is perfect before an event (made famous by celebrities such as Beyonce) but also recommended as a monthly maintenance treatment for those who are committed to maintaining healthy, young skin.

We recommend the addition of LED light therapy (such as the HEALITE II) following a Hydrafacial to enhance the results.

3) Forever Young BBL

Forever Young BBL™ is  a skin rejuvenation treatment which targets numerous skin concerns  by utilizing broad band light (BBL). This is no ordinary IPL treatment, the BBL is an advanced technology which is safer, more effective and more comfortable than other light based and energy treatments. Only doctor led clinics in WA have this device.

BBL can completely transform the skin by targeting signs of ageing such as fine lines and sun damage, improve uneven skin tone, treat pigmentation, remove redness and superficial veins, treat active acne and give a overall rejuvenation effect. However the best aspect of the The Forever Young BBL is that it is also proven to completely reprogram the skin to help prevent the signs of ageing at a genetic level and slow down the ageing process.

Not only will your skin feel smooth, flawless and rejuvenated after a treatment, there will be an ongoing change in your genes which will have longer term effects. We recommend 3 to 4 treatments as an initial course, then 2 to 3 treatments every year to keep your skin youthful and glowing.

4) Collagen simulators

Collagen simulators, or biostimulators,  have been around for many years but they are increasing in popularity.  The are different from traditional dermal fillers as they work to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production over time, resulting in a natural volumisation and also a drastic improvement in skin structure.

The benefits of these treatments is obviously the volume and restoration to the face such as improved structure to the cheeks, nasolabial lines, temples,  and lower face. However what is so brilliant about these treatments is the visible improvement in skin quality. Given the body is producing its own collagen, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, and more hydrated with increased elasticity. The results are natural and long lasting (often over 2 years).

Collagen simulators will restore, enhance but not drastically alter your appearance. We are also seeing brilliant results for treatment of cellulite, loose abdominal and arm skin, buttocks augmentation and more. Collagen simulators are certainly becoming one of the most popular treatment options in 2018.

5) Mesoeclat and medical peels

Medical peels can be used on every skin type and can also be tailored according to skin concerns and desired results. Medical peels work to remove damaged skin cells in the skin and promote the renewal and stimulation of healthier cells in the dermis and epidermis.

A result is often the stimulation of collagen production which result in younger, firmer and healthier skin. The technology behind medical peels is so advanced now and often no down time can be expected, along with minimal discomfort. Despite offering a number of medical peels at Youth Lab, we cannot go past the revolution in medical peels without discussing Mesoeclat.

The Mesoeclat treatment system which is an intensive anti-ageing and skin rejuvenation treatment, fights the signs of ageing and acts directly to stimulate the healing and regeneration of the skin. The result of this treatment (which incorporates medical peels) is a brighter, smoother, and even toned skin with less visible signs of ageing. Like most treatments, a course is recommended with the Mesoeclat treatment program occurring over 5 treatment sessions.

Your skin will thank you after this treatment.

6) Combination treatments

Combining treatment modalities can often enhance the results of each treatment. Many treatment combinations can be used however the science behind treatment combinations is also important. We recommend the Hydrafacial treatment combined with BBL due to the synergistic actions of both treatments, see our amazing SIGNATURE package here. 

The Hydrafacial works to improve the texture of the skin through its gentle resurfacing and hydrating action, then the BBL works to improve skin tone, pigmentation and stimulates collagen, resulting in an overall rejuvenation and ‘bang for your buck’ treatment. There is also research showing that the antioxidants used in the Hydrafacial treatment can actually protect the skin during the treatment and enhance the action of the BBL.

Another favourite add on treatment is LED low level light therapy (Healite II) which helps to stimulate the skins healing mechanisms. Combined with medical peels and the Hydrafacial the Healite II LED can give the skin an extra boost following treatment and further improve the levels of collagen and elastin, resulting in visibly younger and more refined looking skin.