Introduction To Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling

Radio frequency (Rf) is one of the most widely studied and used technologies in aesthetic medicine to effectively tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and stimulate collagen production.
There are multiple RF treatments available on the market and Youth Lab are proud to introduce the Endymed 3DEEP Radio Frequency treatment which offers multiple RF treatment modalities for different aesthetic indications.
As we age we begin to lose collagen and elastin in the skin. In addition, the existing collagen fibers become disorganized and start to function abnormally. As a result, the skin loses its natural elasticity and flexibility, resulting in the formation of wrinkles poor skin tone, loose and saggy skin with the loss of natural facial contours.
Radio frequency works deep within the skin by heating the skin to the temperature required to stimulate natural collagen production and effectively remodel the skin.

Intensif RF Micro needling on female

The INTENSIF Radio Frequency Microneedling treatment is an exciting treatment modality. There are only a few RF microneedling systems in the world today (Intensif, Infini, Profound to name a few), all of which show exceptional results for skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, scar treatment and overall skin rejuvenation.

The Intensif by Endymed is a state of the art technology that uses gold plated micro needles which release radiofrequency energy deep within the skin. The microneedles bypass the epidermis which minimizes any damage to the top layers of the skin and delivers heat deep to where it is needed for optimal collagen stimulation.

The Intensif is the only radio frequency Microneedling device which delivers needle depths up to 5mm. The treatment shows significant initial results with ongoing improvement to the skin, many months after completion of treatments.
The Intensif is the perfect solution for many aesthetic indications such as:

  • Skin tightening

  • Deep wrinkle reduction

  • Reduction of fine lines

  • Texture improvements

  • Reduce pore size

  • Refining and smoothing skin

  • Acne and acne scar reduction

  • Traumatic scar reduction

  • Cellulite treatment

  • Stretch mark reduction

  • Emerging research into treatment of hyperhidrosis

The Intensif’s high precision needle depth, adjustable and ranging from 0.5mm to 5mm, provides the most effective treatment strength suitable to the particular treatment area.

frequently asked questions


Intensif RF Microneedling works to volumetrically heat the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and skin remodeling. The 3DEEP technology by Endymed is the most powerful Radiofrequency technology available. It delivers controlled energy to the depth of the dermis, heating the tissue to 55 degrees with minimal heat to the surface of the skin.

By using microneedles which are gold plated, the energy is delivered in a controlled and precise manner while also delivering the known benefits of microneedling. The Intensif is the most state of the art RF Microneedling system and stands out from others due to its unique smooth gliding needling motion, faster treatment times and high levels of comfort. The gold plated needles also generate more heat safely to the dermis while minimizing damage to the epidermis and hence the risk of side effects.

By using microneedles to deliver the RF energy into the skin there is effective skin remodeling with new collagen and elastin formation. The treatment initiates the skin’s natural healing process through the micro-channels formed from the needles which further rejuvenates the skin and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scarring, and pores whilst also treating active acne and tightening the skin.


Following your consultation with our doctor or dermal clinician and the formulation of a treatment plan you will be booked in for your procedure. We ask for you to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to treatment where your skin will be cleaned and a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied.

By using topical anaesthetic the treatment is much more comfortable. In some cases (if we are treating large and multiple areas) the doctor may decide to use injectable local anaesthetic or nerve blocks to make the procedure completely pain free. Once the skin is numb the treatment commences, taking around 30-60 minutes depending on the areas treated.

The treatment involves passing the RF Intensif handpiece over the skin. The hand piece has small gold plated needles which penetrate the skin and release the RF energy. The depth of the needles depends on the area of the body that is treated and the target aesthetic indication. When the needle penetrates into the dermis the radio frequency energy is delivered in a controlled and precise way to heat the dermis to the desired temperature while keeping the surface of the skin cool.

The treatment is comfortable and you will feel a heat sensation as the needles pass through. Following the treatment, the skin will be red and possibly swollen. Post procedure recovery creams and sunscreen will be applied. There should be no bleeding with the treatment.


Results of the Intensif treatment may start to become evident in a few days with ongoing collagen production over the next 3 months. Many people get noticeable improvements after a single session however consecutive treatments are recommended to encourage optimal collagen production and adequately treat individual concerns. Every patient is different and factors such as age, skin conditions, lifestyle factors and use of home care will affect the results.

We recommend an initial course of 3 treatments (more may be required) every 4 weeks. This will encourage collagen production for up to 8 months with very long lasting results. Maintenance treatments can be discussed as required. We can often alternate treatments with our other RF treatments such as the Fractional Resurfacing and Tightening and Contouring treatments for optimal results.

Within a few days to months after the treatment the results will continue to improve with tighter, smoother and more refined skin.

Your doctor or dermal clinician will advise you of the best treatment plan and determine the number of treatments you may require.


Following the treatment there should be no discomfort or pain. There will be redness for up to 48 hours, or possibly longer (this is dependent on the intensity of the treatment). You can expect the skin to feel warm and flushed with swelling to different degrees. As most of the energy from the Intensif is delivered deep into the skin, there is minimal down time and many can continue with their normal activities.

Full aftercare instructions will be provided after the treatment and strict adherence to these is essential to minimize discomfort and to ensure optimal results and healing.


Yes the Intensif by Endymed is a safe treatment. Given the Intensif has unique needles which require less passes during each treatment session, there is a shorter treatment time and greater comfort. As the epidermis is spared during the treatment the risks of post inflammatory pigmentation, hypopigmentation, burns and scarring are extremely rare. The treatment is generally safe in most skin types with treatment intensity easily adjusted for higher risk skin.

A full list of precautions and contraindications will be discussed at your consultation. Radiofrequency cannot be performed in those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, have implanted metallic or electronic devices (eg pacemakers), current inflammation or infection and certain medical conditions such as active cancer, heart disease or who are immunosuppressed.


To view our up to date pricing please visit our Energy Treatment Pricing page and look up under the RF Intensif Micro Needling section.

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