July 4, 2019

Q and A with our Dermal Therapist Jenna

Written by Jenna

Our next team member in the “meet team YL” series is Jenna who is our Dermal Therapist and comes to us with an extensive dermal therapies and high end spa background.

Q) What inspired you to become a dermal therapist?

I was quite young when I began my Dermal Therapy journey, 16 to be exact. During this time the foundation of my career was based around working within high end salons and day spas as a Beauty Therapist.

It was during this time that my fascination for all things health and beauty related began. More importantly, I saw how I could help my clients feel better about themselves.

It is said that “beauty is only skin deep”, but I would have to disagree. To experience the immense gratitude from a client that you have been working with to resolve their chronic acne, which has plagued them for most of their lives, now that is what it’s really all about!

Helping someone achieve a level of confidence that enables them to walk through the door of a job interview for example, with their head held that little bit higher or with a smile that is that little brighter, is so empowering and such a great gift to be able to give.

As time went by and my experience grew, I felt the hunger for more knowledge and understanding of the skin. I wanted to know more about what was beyond beauty based treatments.

There is so much more to skin health than topical products (However, don’t get me wrong – products really do help), but in order to appropriately treat many skin conditions, we need to take into account internal factors – both dietary and hormonal and lifestyle factors, looking at how we care for ourselves or more to the point, how we don’t!

Upon completion of my University study and a couple of very lucky career moves, I finally entered the world of Dermal Therapy and Cosmetic Dermatology… and I haven’t ever looked back.

Q) What was the most challenging part of your training?

For those of you who haven’t met me already, or heard my accent over the phone, I am from the UK – which is where I studied and worked for the first eight years of my career. For me, the most challenging part wasn’t necessarily my training, but learning about the different types of skin conditions and concerns which I see regularly when consulting and treating my Australian clients.

Environmental factors have a huge impact on our skin, its health and in particular, how it ages. When comparing England to Australia, you really couldn’t get more of a bigger contrast could you? No prizes for guessing which skin conditions we most commonly treat here in Australia…That’s right, sun damage and pigmentation. 

Although we do treat these conditions in the UK, we rarely see the severity that we do here in Australia. The Australian sun is HARSH!

I have found it to be been incredibly important for me to get my skills and education up to speed in the many treatments based around correcting and preventing these two main skin conditions. This has allowed me to consistently achieve the best results for my clients.

Q) Did you have any skin problems growing up?

Growing up I was incredibly lucky. Other than the odd pesky breakout as a teenager and sometimes even now as an adult, I have been lucky enough to escape any major skin issues. I don’t ever take this for granted.

I always understood the importance of looking after my skin. From a very young age our bathroom was filled with every lotion and potion you could think of – Serums, Masks, Moisturisers – you name it, we had it! It is safe to say my mum is what I like to call a “Product Princess”. There really isn’t a product she wouldn’t be willing to try, or a new skin care fad she wouldn’t have given a go.

Thanks to my mum’s interest in all things beauty, I was taught how to take care of my skin properly from a very young age. Luckily enough I was surrounded by all the tools necessary to do so and because of this, I can proudly say the dreaded make-up wipes and bars of soap have never been in the skin care equation.

Unfortunately for many of my friends they weren’t quite so lucky and skin problems from acne to eczema plagued them growing up. I think my interests in skin began partly through seeing their struggles and realising there there were solutions.

Q) What do you love most about being a dermal therapist?

Easy – my client’s! I am very much a people person and I thrive on interaction and making connections with others.

Being a Dermal Therapist allows me to do this in a big way, all day, every day. For many of my clients they come to me seeking answers to long-term skin conditions that have been affecting their self-esteem. As I mentioned previously, there isn’t a better feeling then when a client tells you that your advice and treatments have allowed them to feel more confident.

Confidence shows and it spills into all aspects of their lives. It’s very empowering. It could be something as simple as my client feeling confident enough to go makeup free in public for the first time in years, saying ‘YES” to a date or bagging that new job or promotion they have been longing for. To some people they may seem like small things but to others, especially those who’ve been suffering with skin conditions, it can be simply life changing.

Q) What is your favourite skin concern to treat and why?

Definitely pigmentation.  If you had asked me 6 years ago when I was in the UK, you would have got a different answer. However, one of the most common skin concerns for Australian skin’s has fast become my favorite to treat.

Whether it’s sun damage or Melasma (pigment stimulated by hormonal factors) it’s always incredibly interesting for me to treat. I feel that because it’s so visual, it’s a condition where quite often you can see big changes in the skin’s appearance in a fairly short period of time when performing specialist treatments (all hail our BBL and Dermamelan treatments).

It’s beyond satisfying to see unwanted pigmentation and freckles literally crust and flake away. It’s one of those skin conditions that when treated takes years off someones age. It always brings a huge smile to my face when I see a client walk through the door looking five years younger, with their new even and youthful complexion.

Q) What is your favourite treatment to perform?

Now this is a hard one! How do I pick just one? How about my top three?

Firstly, it would have to be the Mesoestetic Dermamelan treatment program. I have achieved INCREDIBLE (and I mean INCREDIBLE) results for my clients with this treatment! Dermamelan is a medical grade depigmentation treatment targeting all types of pigmentation including Melasma (Hormonal Pigmentation), Sun Damage, Age Spots and Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation (Pigmentation caused by trauma to the skin).

What’s so special about Dermamelan is how well it treats Melasma, a common pigmentation disorder often triggered by huge hormonal changes in the body like Pregnancy, Hormone Therapies and Thyroid conditions. Due to the nature of how Melasma forms in the skin, many of our other methods for treating pigment aren’t suitable. This means Dermamelan is the most efficient, safest and effective way for us to treat stubborn hormonal pigmentation.

An added bonus to the Dermamelan treatment program means not only do we say “bye bye” to pigmentation concerns but due to the nature of how Dermamelan resurfaces the skin, our clients have also seen big improvements in there over all skin texture, brightness, a reduction in open pores and fine lines – BONUS!!

Next up think Skin needling amplified by 100! Our Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling treatment called Intensif. Many of you will have heard or even tried skin needling, it’s been a firm favourite for many people over the years and has taken the world by storm treating a number of different skin conditions. But what if I were to tell you we offer the next generation of needling? Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

The Intensif’s state of the art technology uses gold plated micro needles to not only penetrate the skin but also release radiofrequency energy deep within the skin. These tiny microneedles bypass the epidermis which minimise surface damage to the top layers of the skin and deliver heat where its needed. Working by stimulating our skin’s natural healing responses and encouraging the production of our collagen and elastin. What’s so special about using a Radio frequency form of needling is combining two modalities to achieve more dramatic results.

Due to its versatility skin needling can treat a number of skin types and conditions which I feel adds to its ever growing popularity. Here at Youth Lab we most commonly use skin needling to treat acne scarring, as a method of pore size refinement, to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and that undeniable brightness and tightness in the following weeks post treatment.

Now last but definitely not least is the Hydrafacial MD and our by far the most popular dermal therapy treatment here at Youth Lab.This one of a kind facial rejuvenation treatment works by deep cleansing and gently exfoliating the skin, painlessly removing debris from the pores and finishing by hydrating and infusing powerful antioxidants and peptides to maximising skin radiance.

It is suited to almost anyone and all skin types with minimal down time (many of our clients even return to work straight after). I indulge monthly for my overall skin health and often recommend most my clients, no matter what the skin condition, to undergo a course of Hydrafacials to help create a perfect base before undergoing anymore intensive or invasive treatmen.

Q) What products are you using at the moment?

Here at Youth Lab we’re lucky to have the very best of cosmeceutical skin care at our fingertips so I’m completely spoilt for choice and I often mixing it up and trying something new but I do have a few firm favourites.

The Cosmedix Purity Solution a beautiful oil based cleanser infused in antioxidant-rich Argan and moringa oils to deep clean and purify without stripping my skin of vital moisture (my skin is DRY, so I need all the help I can get). It is perfect for even the most sensitive and barrier impaired skin helping to soothe and nourish with radiance-boosting fatty acids.

PCA Hyaluronic Boosting Serum. It is safe to say that this product is the number 1 favourite among the Youth Lab team and has become one of our best sellers. 9/10 of us have some level of dehydration in our skin, it’s a conditions we see in our clients everyday we often need a little bit of extra help to combat this common skin concern. Here comes Hyaluronic Acid to save our day. A fun little fact for you Hyaluronic acid is able to hold 1000 times its own weight in water.

For PM use, an absolute must for me is Cosmedix serum 16. If you haven’t got a Retinol in your routine you NEED to! And here’s why: Proven to boost the skin’s collagen production, increase overall cell turnover and help to reduce signs of photoaging. What’s not to love? And What makes Serum 16 so special is its unique LG-Retinex delivery system this limits the risk of causing redness, dryness or irritation so even the more sensitive skins have the pleasure of indulging in Vitamin A’s magic.

My daily Moisturiser comes in the form of Cosmedix Humidify. This deeply moisturising cream helps deliver the vital hydration my skin needs. The key ingredient of Niacinamide boosts the integrity of my skin’s barrier function to helps to protect against dehydration for optimal skin health. A definite must for lovers of a rich luxurious moisturiser.

And finally for my daily protection, I use Aspect CC Cream SPF 50+. It is essential to be wearing a sunscreen everyday, ,even through the winter months to protect against the harmful ageing UV rays. This lightweight daily sunscreen protects against both UVA & UVB rays and is enriched with antioxidants. It also features a colour correcting tint to balance skin tone and luminosity.

Q) What treatments have you had done this year? How can we get skin just like yours?

Have you heard the saying “work in the sweet shops, you eat the sweets”? Well work at Youth Lab you never grow old 😉

Needless to say but I’ve definitely been indulging in many of our treatments and services. I personally believe that as a Dermal Therapist’s we should have felt and experienced the treatments and procedures we perform on a daily basis. It is important for us to be able to explain and sometimes even sympathise with our clients especially if the treatment is on the more invasive side. It also gives that sense of reassurance to my clients that it is all completely worthwhile.

First off I’m a HUGE fan of The Hydrafacial MD and if you have been lucky enough to have one you will know what all the fuss is about. Honestly there isn’t anyone that couldn’t benefit from a hydrafacial. How fresh your skin feels post treatment and the glow is unbeatable. Even the way your makeup slides on the next day is perfection. It’s an absolute must and I’ve been having one monthly as a maintenance program.

Next up Skin Needling a classic favourite of many of our YL clients is also one of my firm faves. I try to have skin needling performed as often as every 4 weeks to help combat I number of concerns for me including pore refinement, natural collagen and elastin production and overall skin brightness. Now there’s some down time involved with this one, think sunburn style redness that for me tends to hang around for 3-4 days, but it’s completely worth it for the results achieved.

Another love of mine are peels.

There is such a vast variety and so many to choose from depending on the condition being treated and the depth of down time we are wanting to achieve. We can go from anything like a barely noticeable mild flaking to a Samantha from sex and the city style full shed. A

favourite of mine sits somewhere in between and is the Ultraceticals A-Zyme Peel, this peel contains potent anti ageing ingredients, Retinol to help improve collagen production, skin structure and reduction in sebum production and bromelain for its anti-inflammatory properties.

My skin always feels refreshed, hydrated and plump post peel and some mild peeling is to be expected I often alternate this treatment every 2 weeks with my Hydrafacials.

Lastly and most importantly is HOME CARE. What you do at home to your skin is just as important as what we do for you in clinic. What you do to your skin on a day to day basis is what’s going to make some of the biggest impacts and changes to your skin. Imagine your home care products as workouts for your skin and your therapist as your personal trainer, you need a combination of both to achieve the best possible results.

Q) What is your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I believe life is about balance, I’m a gym junkie and donut eating champion rolled into one. When I’m not in the Lab I’m generally in one of two places; the gym or catching up with my friends (the second often involves food and lots of it ha!)

So whether it be a 6am class at the gym, long sunday morning coastal walks with coffee and the girls or checking out Perth’s newest restaurants or bars I like to keep active and social.

But don’t be completely fooled, there’s still a large part of me that enjoying all the home body benefits. Cosy nights in, a good Netflix binge and Uber eats on a stormy winter’s night (woops there’s food again) with my Partner Luke and our fur babies Nige and Nelson are also the best.

Q) What is your favourite part of working at Youth Lab?

Our team is incredible!

Incredibly smart, incredibly passionate and incredibly fun. It’s a great environment to be working in, I count myself lucky to be surrounded by such knowledgeable and empowering women (and not to forget the man behind the Lab, Jon) every single day. Being surrounded by team members who support each other, our achievements and our ongoing learning to the best we can be is something quite special and a true rarity to find.

Next up has it’s got to be the state of the art equipment and products we have on offer for our clients. It’s so much fun to come to work everyday and get to “play” with all these devices and carry out these procedures. At the end of it all we are a results driven skin clinic with the goal of delivering the best results for our clients.

Lastly is you guys reading this, our CLIENTS! We are definitely blessed to have the most beautiful clients (both inside and out) here at YL, you all make my day every day.

Q) What treatment do you see becoming popular this year?

Without a shadow of a doubt it has to be our new Halo Fractional Laser. This is super exciting for a few reasons, firstly the Halo is able to deliver both ablative and non-ablative wavelengths offering ablative results with non-ablative down time, meaning your skin recovery process is less extreme without compromising your overall results. With minimal downtime and drastic results this is quickly becoming a highly sought after treatment within the clinic particularly for those clients who live busy lives.

This treatment can be used to target a wide range of concerns such as ageing skin, pore refinement and pigmentation including those with Melasma. Although the treatment is not directly targeted to treat redness within the skin we are also seeing fascinating results and improvement with this skin concern.

We’re proud to currently be the only clinic in Perth to have the Halo which has already had people running from far and wide to experience its revolutionary results.

Q) What is the one piece of skin advice you wish all your clients would follow?

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Keeping you body and your skin hydrated is a biggie for me, when your skin is well hydrated it’s more visibly plump, looks healthier, more vibrant and is more resilient to lifestyle and environmental factors.

So my piece of advice would be adding my absolute favourite PCA Hyaluronic Acid into your daily skin care routine. Trust me there’s no looking back. It is also important to keep on top of your fluid intake (2-3L a day).

For those of you who struggle with drinking large quantities of water try adding The Beauty Chef Hydration Beauty Booster,  not only does this skin loving pre & probiotic help replenish your body’s natural electrolytes. It is packed full of re-hydrating vitamins and minerals but with key ingredients including Coconut water, Aloe Vera and lemon myrtle it also tastes great encouraging you to reach for your water bottle more regularly.

Jenna x