Dermal Therapist


Charmaine joins team Youth Lab as a Dermal Therapist with over 10 years of study and experience.

Charmaine’s passion for skin started in her teens.

Knowing what she wanted to study, she set out at 17 years old, moved away from her parents beautiful farm in New Zealand to the city in 2006. There she studied for 2 years, full time in Beautician, Cosmetology, Full Body Massage and Electrology.

She then set out to establish her experience working for 4 years at a high end skin clinic in New Zealand. Realising to further her career, moving to Australia was the best way to achieve this to learn the very latest in skin treatments.

She has been in Australia since 2011, working in the Industry as well as completing her Laser Safety certificate in 2012.

My love for travel has allowed me to explore 37 countries.


Charmaine has worked alongside and been trained by award winning Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Injectors learning every modality in skin treatments she can get her hands on. She has been trained in more than 20 different dermal machines.

In 2016 Charmaine won Mesoestetic retailer for the whole of Australia and had the privilege of being flown to Barcelona to be trained by the creating doctors in the main laboratory.

With her extensive knowledge in Dermal Technology and wealth of knowledge with skin function she also believes in internally treating the body to aid in the treatments and achieving optimal skin health.