Cosmetic Doctor

Dr Rand Almohammedagha

Dr Rand is a general practitioner with more than 10 years of experience as a doctor and five years as a cosmetic doctor.

After earning her Bachelor’s Degree in medicine and surgery in 2008, Dr Rand went on to obtain an Advanced Diploma in Dermal Therapy in 2020.

Dr Rand adores art, and finds that her eye for beauty informs her practice as a Cosmetic Doctor. A passionate and warm practitioner, Dr Rand finds joy in applying her extensive medical knowledge to something she enjoys — enhancing the aesthetic confidence of her clients.

Dr Rand
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I’m a professional cake maker, and a mum to two kids!


Dr Rand’s use of results-based aesthetic medical treatments, combined with her meticulous eye for detail, allows for beautiful results which sit seamlessly with that natural architecture of her clients features. You’ll love Dr Rand’s personalised approach, impressive knowledge, and compassionate demeanour which collectively have earned her a loyal client base.